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NYU Summer Songwriters Workshop

Summer Songwriters Workshop

An intensive seminar dedicated to the art of songwriting. Spearheaded by GRAMMY®-nominated songwriter Phil Galdston and featuring a faculty of acclaimed songwriters expert in a wide variety of musical genres, the workshop will provide in-depth master classes with prominent members of the music community, one-on-one sessions with faculty, detailed presentations on a wide variety of skills, tools, and strategies essential for working songwriters, and interviews with renowned practitioners of the art.

Program Dates: June 19 - June 30, 2017

Application Deadline:

April 1, 2017

Costs & Fees:

$55 (Non-Refundable Application Fee)
$1,550 (Particpant Tuition)
$475 (Auditor Tuition)
$820 (On-Campus Housing and Required Meal Plan per Session)
International Applicant/Student Fee Information

Intended For:

High School
Post-College and Graduate Students
Continuing Professionals

A maximum of 40 participating songwriters will be accepted into two levels of the Songwriters Workshop. During the eight days of workshop sessions, they will hone their craft through:

  • targeted songwriting assignments
  • collaborations
  • detailed analysis of the tools used by the great songwriters
  • daily professional and peer-to-peer critiques of their work in-progress.

To help participants develop their songs and grasp the essential principles of the production of demonstration recordings, top-tier studio musicians and NYU’s James Dolan Studio, a professional-quality multitrack digital and analog recording facilities will be available.

Integral aspects of the record business will be highlighted through roundtables and panels comprised of producers, engineers, record executives, and film music supervisors. Major industry organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and the SCL will be present.

Please note that many Participants do a good deal of their collaborating and writing outside the formal Workshop hours.

The Workshop is also open to auditors, and while they will not participate, they will be able to attend all critiques, performances, events, and gatherings.


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