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   Welcome to MPAP Summer Programs!
NYU offers one of the largest summer programs in the country, and we are dedicated to making sure your time here is both educational and enjoyable. On this webpage, you will find information about preparing for your session, registering for Housing & Meal Plans, and Paying your Bill.
MPAP Summer Programs offer a number of music and performing arts programs that are for students who would like to experience NYU in a pre-college setting. We offer a true pre-college experience and it is important for parents to be as prepared as their children. If your child will be attending an NYU Summer Program this year please become familiar with the provided information below. We look forward to seeing you around campus!

The Application Process

Pre-Arrival Check List

MPAP Summer Student Portal & MPAP Blog Site

Identification, Expenses, and Transportation

Orientation Dates and Times

Supervision of Minors

FERPA and Student Confidentiality


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