Music Department

Parent's Letter about Music Study in Prague

Sunday, 18 Jan 2009

Dear Stephanie,

My son spent the fall in Prague studying music technology. He enthusiastically recommends the program, as do I.

Before his departure the Global Studies Office was responsive, informative and always very nice. The visa process was extremely confusing and overwhelming, but their online explanations were invaluable in deciphering the Czech Embassy's application. During his time in Prague, they quickly responded to any questions I had. I also received a mailing advising parents of potential adjustment problems some students might experience upon their return.

In Prague, my son was comfortable with his roommates and accommodations.  It was a pleasant surprise that his assigned roommate turned out to be another music technology major that he knew from NYU. He described his dorm as living in a luxurious apartment, complete with heated towel racks. NYU spent a lot of time helping the students acclimate to Czech culture and customs. There were "theme nights" and other student and NYU sponsored dinners and activities, including Thanksgiving celebrations. He traveled to a music and wine festival in Bohemia on an overnight school sponsored trip and to Terezin, a concentration camp, on a NYU daytrip.

The university campus was in the city, rather than in a remote location, which he loved. His professors were the best in their fields, and he was very impressed with their level of teaching and commitment. He also speaks quite highly of the Prague administrators. His internship program at a recording studio was wonderful.

Unlike the rest of Europe, it was relatively inexpensive to live in Prague. Food and transportation were reasonable. He was also able to check out books he needed for his classes, which thankfully eliminated the expense of textbooks. Prague markets sell food items in much smaller quantities so he has a new appreciation of how wasteful Americans can be. I would say the only thing he missed was the ability to get coffee to go.

During the semester fall break, my son’s friends were going on a trip to Eastern Europe but had no specific itinerary or reservations. He elected to make his own arrangements, traveling to Paris and Amsterdam and staying in youth hostels. He had never traveled alone, but describes his experience as being the best time of his life.

I believe that my son returned home more confident, mature and better able to deal with challenging and new situations.

Mother of a Music Technology major