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Spring 2017 Recital Space and Equipment Request Form
Fall 2016 Recital Rehearsal Space Request
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Student Recitals are free and open to the public.
See bottom of page for location key.

December 8
8:00 pm: Minseon Yoo, Woodwinds, Black Box Theatre

December 9
8:00 pm: Rose Egan, Percussion, ED Room 303
8:00 pm: Isaac Lit, Jazz, Provincetown

December 10
1:00 pm: Jonathan David Evans, Composition, 1027 Grand St
1:00 pm: Celine Haddad, Woodwinds, Black Box Theatre
4:30 pm: Leanne Friedman, Woodwinds, ED Room 303
4:30 pm: Nicole Ruggiero, Brass, Black Box Theatre
8:00 pm: Nareetorn Ketudat, Vocal, Black Box Theatre
8:00 pm: Jooheui Lee, Vocal, ED Room 303

 December 11
1:00 pm: Alexander Wong, Strings, ED Room 303
4:30 pm: Timothy O’Hara, Composition, ED Room 303

December 14
8:00 pm: Nicholas Hrynyk, Piano, Black Box Theatre

December 17
4:30 pm: Matthew Ross, Vocal, Black Box Theatre
8:00 pm: Maria Isabel Perez Dobarro, Piano, Black Box Theatre
8:00 pm: DeLaney Harter, Strings, Provincetown
8:00 pm: Ahn Janice, Strings, ED Room 303

 December 18
4:30 pm: Katherine Lin, Piano, Black Box Theatre
8:00 pm: Sarah Bennett, Percussion, ED Room 303

 December 19
1:00 pm: Amber Gillani, Music ED, Black Box Theatre



Location Full Name   Address      
303 Education Building, Room 303 35 West 4th Street    
779 Education Building, Room 779 35 West 4th Street    
Black Box Black Box Theatre, Pless Hall 82 Washington Square East  
Loewe Frederick Loewe Theatre 35 West 4th Street  
Opera Center National Opera Center 330 7th Avenue    
Penthouse Percussion Penthouse 35 West 4th Street, 13th Fl    
Provincetown Provincetown Playhouse 133 MacDougal Street    
St. John's St. John's in the Village Church 218 West 11th Street  
St. Mary Magdalen St. Mary Magdalen Orthodox Church 70 West 107th Street  
Scholes Street Scholes Street Studio 375 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn  
Tenri Tenri Cultural Institute 43A West 13th Street