Incoming Student FAQ: What Do You Need to Know?

Welcome incoming Music and Performing Arts Professions students

Questions regarding:
Registration, Private Lessons, Ensembles, Practice Rooms, Other

  • Can I double major?
  • Can I take electives in other NYU schools (Stern, Tisch, etc.)?
  • Do I have to take the music theory placement test?
  • How do I add/drop classes after the registration deadline?
  • How do I know what classes to sign up for?
  • How do I register for classes? When can I begin registration?
  • How many credits should I take? Can I take an overload?
  • I'm trying to sign up for a class and I'm getting a message that says I need an access code or I haven't fulfilled a prerequisite. How do I resolve that?
  • What if my test results place me into the wrong level (the class is too easy or too hard)? Can I retake the placement test?
  • Who is my advisor? How do I contact them?
Private Lessons
  • How do I know who my private instructor is? How do I contact them?
  • How do I register for private lessons?
  • Is there a fee for private lessons? What if I have private lessons on two different instruments?
  • What do you offer private lessons in?
  • What's the difference between private lessons and group lessons?
  • When and where will my private lessons take place?
Practice Rooms
  • Are there Music and Performing Arts department scholarships?
  • Are there work-study opportunities in the MPAP department?
  • Can I study abroad?
  • How do I find a performing arts job or internship off-campus? Is there a career placement center that helps MPAP students find jobs?
  • Is there a staff accompanist I can rehearse or perform with?
  • What performance opportunities are there?
  • What’s the difference between Steinhardt MPAP and the Music Department in CAS?
  • Where is the Music and Performing Arts Professions office?