Selected Student Bios

Charlie W. Wright

Charlie W. Wright is a sophomore in the Educational Theatre Program. During his time in the program, Charlie has been seen in Educational Theatre main stage shows (Salvation Road,) NYU club productions (Company and The Can Do Duck) and other productions throughout the city (Columbia University’s Wasps.) He has also taken advantage of the city’s resources to start doing background acting on television shows such as The Carrie Diaries (The CW) and Elementary (CBS.) He joined the Uproar Writers Corps, a group of young playwrights who meet to create new theatre, and enjoys writing short stories and poetry. Recently he had the honor of having his first poem published: “The Children in the Field Are All Sunburned” (Gallatin Review, Volume 28).

Outside of NYU, Charlie completed a technical/operational internship at the theatre at the 14th Street Y and served as a stage manager to MCC Theater’s youth company, where he was lucky to observe a group of Washington Heights students devise a piece of theatre about their daily lives.

In addition to Educational Theatre courses, Charlie participates in Dean’s Global Honors Seminars, through which he had the opportunity to travel to Cuba and soon to Israel. He is also spending his next semester in Paris, where he will not only get to take exciting experimental theatre courses, but also get to broaden his perspective to a global level.

“When applying to schools, I knew that I wanted to study theatre, but I also knew that I wanted to do something with my career that was of value to others. I found that perfect intersection when I discovered NYU’s program in Educational Theatre. The wonderful thing about this program is that it prepares its students to work strictly in theatre, strictly in education, or any combination of the two. Whether preparing lesson plans in Into to Educational Theatre or glow-in-the-dark dancing in Physical Theatre Improvisation, I am always stimulated.”