Selected Student Bios

Sinethemba (Sne) Makanya

B.A.- Drama and Performance Studies and Psychology,

BA (Hons)- Drama and Performance Studies, Cum-Laude

Type of Student: Full Time


Sinethemba (Sne) is from beautiful, colorful, sunny South Africa. She discovered her passion for the theatre in her second year of study and changed her degree from a BA in Psychology and Philosophy to one in Drama and Performance Studies and Psychology. Her Honor's thesis focused on the parallels between The Sangoma (a South African Shaman) and the performer, this parallel then prompted her to pursue study in Drama Therapy in an effort to understand the relationship between theatre and healing in both the physical and spiritual realms. She completed her Honour's degree in 2008. The following year she was involved in work with AREPP: Theatre for Life and Ithembalethu Community Centre using theatre and puppetry to educate primary school kids about issues surrounding health and the environment. She has been involved in a number of productions, the highlights of which include working with Indiana University in a production of Shakespeare's The Tempest and participating in South Africa's annual Grahamstown Arts Festival, amongst many others. Sne hopes to use both her theatre background and Drama Therapy experience to run various workshops in South Africa in an effort to introduce Drama Therapy to the everyday South African, as an alternative to the widely available but rarely used verbal therapies. She hopes to help introduce study of Drama Therapy in South Africa as a way to use Western healing practices alongside traditional healing practices in various communities.

Research Interest

  • Orphans: Children and Adolescents
  • Women in the Sex Trade Industry
  • Victims and Perpetrators of Domestic and Sexual violence
  • Senior Citizens
  • Comparing and Contrasting Traditional Healers and Rites to Drama Therapy.