Selected Student Bios

Aunree J. Houston

B.A. Communications and Theatre

Type of Student: Part Time


Aunree J. Houston is a part time student in the Drama Therapy program and a Marketing Operations Manager for Programming Sales at HBO. He has experience as a Playwright, Theatre Director, Creative Director and Acting Coach. He decided to apply to the Drama Therapy program because of his interest in the infusion of Psychology with Drama and Role Theory as a tool for self-exploration and mental healing. Aunree is looking to use Drama Therapy as the foundation for his career as a life/professional coach. Aunree's main focus is to assist high functioning individuals to:

  • Find life balance through role exploration
  • Find inspiration for achievement through supportive roles
  • Explore and Embrace personal roles that motivate, block progression and provide strength, guidance and power to move forward.

Research Interest:

  • Women
  • African American Families and Communities
  • Gay Teenagers and Adults (*Black Men)
  • Corporate Work Environments and Employees
  • Mental Wellness