Programs - String Studies

String Studies Master's

Master of Music in Performance — M.M. Degree Requirements

The M.M. program in music performance is constituted of 36 credits that can be completed in 3 or 4 semesters. Incoming master's music students are required to pass Departmental Graduate Placement Exams in music theory, aural comprehension, and music history. In addition to graduate classes in musical aesthetics, research, theory, literature and performance practices, students can select courses in Performing Arts Administration and Music Technology.

Mission Statement

The mission of the instrumental performance program is to nurture excellence by providing advanced performance training combined with the finest related academic and music courses.

Student Learning Objectives

1.  Students will develop the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve a high level of musical excellence that enables them to pursue their career goals as professional musicians and/or through entrepreneurship. 

2.  Students will identify repertoire from the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, and analyze the performance practices, both historical and contemporary, informing the performance of that repertoire.

3.   Students will demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills.

4.  Students will demonstrate and apply entrepreneurs skills essential to the real and varied world of the music profession which will include concert programming, grant writing, promotional/audience development, website design and press releases.

5.  Students will demonstrate practical, working knowledge of technology commonly used in the music business.

For more information regarding our Advanced Certificate Program, designed specificially for master's degree holders, please click here.

Performing Opportunities and Study

Myriad performance opportunities are available to our students both within and beyond the NYU community.  While we offer the highest level of solo repertoire study and performance opportunities, we also emphasize intensive training in chamber and orchestral repertoire. String majors have dozens of large and small ensemble opportunities including traditional chamber music, new music ensembles and the NYU Symphony and Philharmonia orchestras, each meeting weekly. In addition, performance students have the opportunity to play in the orchestra for fully staged opera and music theatre productions directed by leading New York opera and Broadway music directors. Students also have weekly private study with renowned artist faculty.

Students participate in weekly repertoire classes which focus on solo performance and pedagogy. One solo master's recital is required, usually given in the last (3rd or 4th) semester. Related to the recital is a research project which examines a work on their recital program from the standpoint of music history, music theory/analysis, and/or performance practices.