How to Audition for PhD in Music Performance

All doctoral students must apply for admission to NYU Steinhardt before scheduling an audition. Apply for doctoral study.

Schedule Your Audition

Doctoral applicants should contact Professor Baer no later than Friday, December 11, to set up an audition date in mid to late January. Doctoral auditions must be completed by January 22.

Audition Date

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Audition Details and Requirements

Prepare works in their entirety.

Violin repertoire:

  1. An entire standard concerto (e.g., Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius) memorized
  2. An unaccompanied sonata or partita memorized
  3. A standard sonata
  4. An entire work composed post-1960

Viola repertoire:

  1. A major concerto, memorized
  2. A major work from the sonata repertoire in its entirety
  3. An unaccompanied Bach suite (originally for cello) or partita or sonata (originally for violin) in its entirety memorized
  4. An entire work composed post-1960

Cello repertoire:

  1. An entire concerto memorized
  2. A complete Bach suite memorized
  3. An entire work composed post-1960
  4. A complete sonata: Brahms F Major, Franck A Major, Chopin, or Rachmaninoff

Double bass repertoire:

  1. A complete standard concerto, memorized
  2. An entire Bach suite memorized
  3. An entire work composed post-1960

Harp repertoire:
Substitutions of equal level/ability may be made with a prior consultation with Prof. Bridget Kibbey (

  1. Bach – Grandjany Etude #2: Fugue
  2. De Falla – Grandjany – Spanish Dance
  3. Britten Suite
  4. An entire work composed post-1960

Please bring:

  • Audition music for the accompanist, who will be provided
  • Your resume
  • Two copies of the contemporary, twentieth-century, or post-1960 work for the jury