MM in Music Theory and Composition with a Concentration in Songwriting

Songwriting requires specific sensibilities and employs a wide, but dedicated set of tools that are integrated and enhanced by our department's breadth of course offerings. Our Concentration in Songwriting is unique among graduate university music departments.

The Concentration in Songwriting is intended for students in the Music Theory and Composition (MTAC) master of music program who:

  • Have prior academic and/or professional background in songwriting, music composition, or related areas such as music performance, record production, and music technology
  • Display a songwriter’s sensibility and provide evidence of significant songwriting talent

Music Composition students wishing to embrace songwriting will enter a highly competitive field. While the use of music (primarily songs) in media has never been greater, the challenge of building a career in music has become increasingly daunting.  In preparation for entering the field, those who wish to engage in songwriting are exposed to central aspects of the art, craft and commerce:

  • The cultural context and history via song analysis, research, and master classes
  • An essential array of compositional tools, addressing melody, harmony, structure, rhyme scheme, scan, rhythmic concepts
  • Integral elements of technology, audio production, promotion, and marketing

For more information, please contact:

Phil Galdston, Director of Songwriting, Master Teacher of Songwriting/NYU Songwriter-in-Residence: phil.galdston@