Student News

• Shan Gao wrote and performed “To April” and ”The Road Not Taken,” two songs that appear on the soundtrack of the hit Chinese TV series You Are My Sunshine. Released in January 2015, both songs reached number 1 on several of China’s major music charts.

• Aviv Goldgeier’s band, With Snack, was recently featured at The Delancey, one of the Lower East Side’s best-known venues. Nardo (Bernardo Ochoa) opened the show.

• Sam Lassner, better known as Prince Fox, is quickly climbing up the ranks of remixers/producers. A senior, he’s turned out a blizzard of notable remixes thus far, including Sam Smith's "Stay With Me,” Florence + The Machine's "You've Got The Love,” Kanye West's "All Of the Lights" and many more. His debut original track, "Wait Until Tomorrow," spliced house, future bass, trap, indie, and a splash of pop influence for a unique sound design. 

• Karina Noel is currently in production for a music video for her song "Blue Collar Love." The tune was chosen to support One Reason Recordings' 2015 Hunger Campaign. All the money collected from the music goes directly to charities. Karina just recorded her upcoming single "Worth The Risk" in downtown Chicago.

She is featured on "Untitled Podcast," episode 7,  SplashFlood App Featured Artist for Sep 8th: Artists To Watch, iMovieLive Interview, and Earbits Radio Weekly Newsletter Feature: Artists To Watch.

• Katie Zaccardi recently released her debut EP Crazy, which includes songs she wrote while studying with MPAP’s Dana Calitri. “I'm very excited to continue working with her and release more music,” says Zaccardi. “And I’m very thankful the songwriting program allows me to do just that!”

• Yea-kyung Chung, a current film scoring student, recently wrote the music to a Korean musical adapted from the Herman Melville novel, Moby Dick.  Moby Dick: An Actor-Musician Musical takes six musicians which were trained as actors specifically for this musical.

Yea-kyung explains the creativity behind the characters, “I gave a double bass player the role, because the instrument is huge and make various sounds. Ahab, the captain, is performed by a cellist, because the captain has an artificial limb which is shown as a cello's pin. Queequeg, a man from the wild has a spear, so he should be a violinist to express the spear. Like this, all characters are matched to their own instruments. And their mental changes are expressed by their instruments.”

The musical was nominated for the 2011 Korea Musical Awards in five categories: Best Musical, Best Adaptation, Best Direction, Best Scenic Design and Best Composition, winning one for Best Scenic Design.