Scoring for Film and Multimedia

Film Scoring FAQ


General FAQs

How do I apply?
Please refer to our undergraduate and graduate guidelines.

What is required in my portfolio?
Please refer to our undergraduate and graduate guidelines.

Will I collaborate with filmmakers?
We provide many opportunities for composers to collaborate with New York City-based filmmakers in our classes, competitions, events and other networking initiatives. Our students have scored over 1,000 student films (many of which have premiered in the world’s top film festivals). Read more about our collaborations here.

What music software is used in this program?
We use the newest versions of industry-standard software, Logic and Protools. We also provide a list of recommended equipment and require students to arrive with professional sample libraries. Knowledge of notation software (Sibelius or Finale) is strongly recommended.

Are there any job placements or industry connections?
While we cannot offer guaranteed job placements, our students have a number of opportunities to meet experts in the field and grow their professional networks during their time here. Events that have proved vital to many student’s careers are the SCL mentorship program, NYU and Columbia ASCAP workshops, NYU Music and the Moving Image, BMI and Songwriters workshops, Friday@1 and Tisch/SVA film collaborations.


Undergraduate FAQs

Can I double major in Instrumental Performance and Film Scoring?
Students cannot double major in two different music programs at Steinhardt. However, the undergraduate  curriculum is flexible enough to allow for private instrumental lessons and performance opportunities. In addition, students can take any performance-related courses.

Similarly, instrumental performance majors can take Film Scoring classes, and private composition lessons.

Do I need to have previous experience in music production?
No, as an undergraduate student, there are no music production requirements. During your studies here, you will master the necessary programs to assist you in your professional development. 

Do I need to play a specific instrument to apply?

No. Please refer to the application guidelines - for the auditions you will perform on the instrument of your choice.

Is experience in film scoring necessary before enrolling?
No. Our curriculum will provide you with the skills you need to write for media, regardless of your background. 

Are transfer student portfolio requirements the same as regular applicants?
Yes. Please refer to the application guidelines.


Master's FAQs

Do I need to have an undergraduate degree in music?
An undergraduate degree in music is not required for our Master's program. However you must demonstrate that you have the equivalent knowledge of music theory and music writing skills. 

Is experience in film scoring and music production necessary before enrolling?
No. However, you should be able to demonstrate dramatic sensitivity.

What if I don’t have experience with sample libraries and DAWs?
While it is an advantage to come familiarized with these programs beforehand, we assist students in honing their skills with this software in our Contemporary Scoring and Music Editing courses.

I have never conducted. Is this a problem?
No, there are no conducting requirements. Our students come with varying levels of experience in conducting. Students can choose to improve their conducting skills by taking Fundamentals of Conducting.

How many recording sessions will I get?
With slight variation, most of our students record 1-4 times per semester. Read more about our recording sessions.

Can I study with multiple teachers for private lessons?
Yes. We encourage our students to take full advantage of our eclectic faculty. Many students have also taken private lessons in jazz orchestration from faculty in the Jazz Studies department.

Is there a track for video game scoring?
While there is not a differentiated track for video game scoring, film scoring students can opt to take electives related to video game scoring such as Composing for Video Games and Game Audio.