ARTSPRAXIS, an e-journal dedicated to examining innovations in the arts in educational and community contexts, was launched in Fall 2004.  It is based in and published by New York University’s Steinhard School, Music and Performing Arts Professions.

ARTSPRAXIS (Click for Current Issues) includes contributions from arts educators, therapists, arts agencies, arts administrators, funding bodies, arts scholars, and community artists from diverse settings. The journal emphasizes critical analysis of the arts in society.

Philip Taylor, the founding editor of ARTSPRAXIS is Associate Professor and Director in the Program in Educational Theatre in Steinhardt's Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions.  Dr. Taylor notes that the journal “provides a platform for contributors to interrogate why the arts matter and how the arts can be persuasively argued for in a range of domains.”   The journal especially welcomes contributions that generate dialogue and understanding across the art forms.  

Historically, the publication of ARTSPRAXIS followed the NYU Forum on Assessment in Arts Education in August 2003, which brought together over 130 international participants committed to discourse among arts educators. The forum demonstrated "the need for and potential fruits of a journal such as ARTSPRAXIS", noted Lawrence Ferrara, Director Emeritus of Music and Performing Arts Professions at NYU Steinhardt.  The creation of ARTSPRAXIS enables and structures the continuation of that discourse.

At the ARTSPRAXIS website, readers can register on an e-group where notification of new issues will be sent to the subscription list. There is also an Announcements page at the site where conferences, seminars, research, new posts and events can be found. To subscribe to ARTSPRAXIS, send an email to