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Piano Studies Students

NYU Steinhardt undergraduate piano students have come to Music and Performing Arts Professions from around the world, as well as from across the United States. They represent diverse cultures and traditions. However, they are united in their love of music, their dedication to the discipline and rigorous training that a musical career requires, and their enthusiasm for the academic opportunities offered by the University. They are devoted to their personal practice yet understand that, to be successful in today's highly competitive musical environment, they must uphold a strong commitment to their academic courses, in music and related disciplines. They see their undergraduate years at NYU Steinhardt as a vital time for personal discovery and professional development.

Through frequent interaction with their peers in Chamber Music, Master Classes, and Program Meetings, NYU Steinhardt piano students live and work in a competitive but highly supportive environment. As one student described her reasons for choosing NYU: "The community feeling distinguishes us from most other schools. Also, most of our faculty continue to be active in the performance world. They use their professional contacts to help us launch our own careers." Undergraduates at NYU Steinhardt are steadily nurtured by the Artist Faculty, who offer not only teaching in private lessons, but also advisement and professional guidance as their students move through the program.

NYU Steinhardt graduate students also represent the international community. Many come to Music and Performing Arts Professions from conservatory backgrounds, in the United States and abroad. Others, having built careers in music, now return to the University for the intense study required to secure significant positions in academia. All are attracted by the substantive course offerings at NYU Steinhardt, which allow them to grow as performers while acquiring experience in related fields, such as Music Business, Music Technology, and Music Education.