Master's Curriculum in Piano Performance, Concentration in Solo

MM in Music Performance and Composition
Concentration in Solo Piano (36 points) for those enrolling for study beginning Fall 2017


6 points

6 points from two of the following by advisement
MPAME-GE 2021 Music Reference and Research Materials 3
MPAME-GE 2130 Research in Music and Music Education 3
Music History/Literature (one of the following by advisement; items below are only a sample of the courses available to pianists each semester)
MPATC-GE 2151 Sonata in the 19th Century 3
MPATC-GE 2039 Contemporary Music 3
MPATC-GE 2127 Aesthetics of Compositional Process in the Symphony 3
MPATC-GE 2200 Seminar in Music Theory 3
MPATC-GE 2069 Opera in the 20th Century 3
MPATC-GE 2550 Film Music: Historical and Aesthetic Perspectives 3


27 points

Applied Instrumental Study9
MPAPE-GE 2356 Private Piano - Solo Repertoire 3
MPAxx-GE xxxx Chamber Music, Workshop 1 - 3
Includes chamber music, contemporary music ensembles, and song repertoire classes
Performance Practice (Restricted Electives)12
MPAPE-GE 2170 Spring Collaborative Piano: Techniques and Practicum 3
MPAPE-GE 2181 Spring Influential Pianists and Performance Practice 3
MPAPE-GE 2186 Fall Piano Literature, 18th-20th c 3
MPAPE-GE 2187 Fall Piano Literature, 20th-21st c 3
MPAPE-GE 2189 Spring Performance Practices & Entrepreneurship in 20th & 21st Century Piano Music 3


3 points

MPAPE-GE 2026 Colloquy Colloquy in Music (assessed public recital and dossier of professional documents) 3


Baccalaureate in Music Performance or its academic equivalent
Successful completion of exams in Music Theory, Aural Training, and Music History and any required remedial classes resulting from those exams