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MPAP - Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions
FAS - Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Tisch - Tisch School of the Arts


Stanyek, JasonFAS, Music ethnomusicology; Brazilian music; technologies of popular music; global hip hop; music and diasporaactive composer for dance productions and films; performs and records regularly 

Hoffman, ElizabethFAS, Music composition (including computer-generated); comparative models for analysis and criticism of 20th-century musicCompter Music Performance 

Last Name, First ↓Department/ School, Program ↓Interest in co-teaching a course ↓Music research interests ↓Music performance activities or interests ↓Interests in cross-department or school research or performance collaborations ↓
Adamo, Mark MPAP, Music Composition Electronic Music, Music-Drama     Electronic Music, Music-Drama
Allen, Mana Tisch, CAP 21 Musical Theatre composers and history Musical Theatre historian created 9 composer projects/revues direction/coaching/creating recitals, group projects.
Beckerman, Michael FAS, Piano   music, war, and oppression; 19th- and 20th-century music; film music; Eastern European music    
Daughtry, J. Martin FAS, Music   ethnomusicology; music of the Russian-speaking world; music and memory; music and politics; the significance of sound in conflict zones    
Diaz-Cassou, Isabel MPAP, Music Technology Sound design ; interactive music ; sound art Sound design ; interactive music ; sound art Sound design ; interactive music ; sound art Sound design ; interactive music ; sound art
Drew, Krause MPAP, Music Theory Computer-Assisted Composition     Solo/chamber/orchestral music commisions
Elliott, David MPAP, Music Education Music Education-All Areas, Philosophy of Music, Community Music, Creativity     Music Education-All Areas, Philosophy of Music, Community Music, Creativity
Farbood, Mary MPAP, Music Technology Music cognition, computational modeling Modeling how listeners hear musical structures in real time. Studying how listeners perceive tension and expectation in music. Modeling how time and memory constraints affect the perception of hierarchical structures in music.Exploring how listeners perceive differences in tuning and temperament. Using mathematical techniques to analyze empirical data. Implementing computer-assisted composition systems that visualize musical structures intuitively. Harpsichord performance. Creative music software for educational purposes Interested in collaborations with music theorists, experimental psychologists, researchers in math and computer science/machine learning, and education.
Feldman, Marion MPAP, Strings Studies Cello Pedagogy/String Quartet repertoire Great Cellists and teachers of the 20th Century:their contributions to repertoire and cello technique. co-director NYU String Quartet Workshop;Chamber Music and Recital performance at NYU and throughout the USA and Far East Chamber music
Ferrara, Lawrence MPAP, Music Theory, Music History, Music Performance   Research Methods in Music, Formal, Phenomenological, and Hermeneutic approaches to music analysis; Music Copyright Music Performance; Digital Sampling and Production Music Copyright specifically and Intellectual Property more broadly
Fried, Joshua MPAP, Music Technology Real-time processiong, DSP. Performance concepts, NIME(New Interfaces for Musical Expression), Post-Minimalism, Electronic Dance Music Real-time processiong, DSP. Performance concepts, NIME(New Interfaces for Musical Expression), Post-Minimalism, Electronic Dance Music Live Perfrmance, Composition NIME,Interdisciplinary Collaboration (e.g. I compose for your choreography, film, etc.). See I've had multiple residencies at the MacDowell Colony, Yaddo, etc. and we may already know each other.
Gardenal da Silva, Fabio MPAP, Piano Studies     Chamber Music Chamber Music
Giammanco, Leslie Tisch, CAP 21     The Art of the Cabaret Audition Techniques
Glaser, Susan MPAP, Music Composition Composition Linguistic Prosody and Musical Phrasing Flute Performance, Chamber Music, Recording Music Perception, Linguistics, Chamber Music, Electronics
Goodwin, John MPAP, Music Composition Performance Chora/Orchestral Music 19th C to present Choral Arts Society any performance
Guyton, Kate Tisch, CAP 21 Professional Actress "Lucy Liu's assistant on "Cashmere Mafia" starred opposite Alec Badlwin in "Entertaining Mr. Sloane" Stage acting, film acting, print work, commercials, musical theater
Heisel, Erin MPAP, Vocal Performance Recent trends in American Music, Play Theory and movement improvisation The recent vocal music of David Del Tredici, German Expressionism esp. the music of Anton Webern Recent performances in South America and Central Europe, participant in Of the Refrain collaboration at NYU, upcoming performance at Weill Hall Vocal Chamber Music of any style or time period, Performance Art, New Music
Hesser, Barbara MPAP, Music Therapy, Applied Psychology Music therapy as practiced with all populations, music psychotherapy, the interfaces of music and psychology PI at Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy   music, psychology, creative arts, creative arts therapies
Horvath, Jan Tisch, CAP 21 Vocal Training Techniques New Songs Concerts Composition
Kaplan, Chet MPAP, Music Education School Music   Orchestral Performance Student Teaching
Karchin, Loius FAS, Music   Investigations in music analysis of late twentieth century music and 21st century works; relation of performance to composition and analysis Conducting the Washington Square Ensemble (professional ensemble which gives 2-3 concerts of new music annually in Merkin Hall) Co-conducting the Chamber Players of the League ISCM (professional ensemble which gives 4-5 concerts of new music annually in various Manhattan concert halls.) Conducting the Orchestra of the League of Composers (professional ensemble which gives one concert each year of new chamber orchestra work.) Collaborating with artists/composers whose interests overlap with the above, and collaborating with artists/students who might wish to learn/perform my compositions.
La Barbara, Joan MPAP, Music Composition experimental music, extended vocal techniques, contemporary opera, computer and electronics, electroacoustic music, interactive technology, media, theater, dance, performance, etc., etc. I am an achkowledged pioneer in the field of extended vocal techniques and using the voice as an instrument in a variety of areas in music, performance, theater and for dance, video and film. performance, especially vocal, theater, creating music for dance, video, film, concerts, new opera, etc. interested in collaborating with choreographers, filmmakers, video artists, music technology, theater arts
Law, Mary Tisch, CAP 21 Broadway Performer Instructor, Private Voice, Pace University (Currently) Broadway, Concerts, Regional and Off Broadway Performing. Voice Performance Coaching, Private Voice Instruction
Mahon, Maureen FAS, Music   ethnomusicology and cultural anthropology; the construction and performance of race and gender in music; African American popular music    
Moloney, Michael FAS, Music   ethnomusicology; folklore; Irish studies radio and television presentation and production collaborate a lot with Appalachian and Cape Breton musicians and dancers, also with early 20th century jazz and string quartets in various popular music genres
Moore, Catherine MPAP, Music Business music business, genres in popular music, media/cultural trade politics, globalization strategy, 17th-century Italian music, and performance practice cultural variety as music business strategy, business metrics for the live music business, combining international music marketing & translation theory not as a performer, but active as a music critic in all areas listed before, especially translation theory, and business metrics for the live music business
Moreno, Jairo FAS, Music   theory; history of theory; Latin-American music    
Mueller, Rena FAS, Music   19th-century music; Liszt; Wagner; opera; orientalism; film music    
Naphtali, Dafna MPAP, Music Technology Computer Music, Interactive, Electro-Acoustic, Composition, Improvisation, Voice, Max/MSP/Jitter program design. interactive electro-acoustic performance, mapping of new gestural controllers and algorithms for use in performance and sound installations Max/MSP/Jitter program design, performance, composition, sound design, sound installations. Interested in collaborations with video/film artists, dancers, theater artists and other musicians and site-specific installations.
Nonken, Marilyn MPAP, Piano Studies music theory, performance, and perception; 20th- & 21st-century piano music, particularly post-Cagean American composition and French piano music after Messiaen ecological psychology and its relation to music perception French piano music after Messiaen; 20th & 21st-century piano music; post-Cagean American composition Musical and theatrical performance; multi-media performance aesthetics; ecological psychology and its relation to aesthetic perception and experience
Oblak, Jerica MPAP, Music Composition Microtonal music (spectral music, stretched harmonics), film/multi-media/music videos, and counterpoint. Microtonal music (spectral music, stretched harmonics), film/multi-media/music videos, and counterpoint. Contemporary music performance. I wish to further develop my Augmentation Matrix, a microtonal system based on spectral sound/structural manipulations. I also wish to collaborate on various video/film/dance/theater performances.
Pors-Sadoff, Christiane   Violin Instructor   Violinist Player in chamber or orchestral concerts
Reimer, Christine MPAP, Vocal Performance Vocal Pedagogy - especially Musical Theater   Voice Teacher, Coach/Accompanist, Music Director, Opera Singer, Musical Theater/Cabaret Performer Chamber Music, Recitals, Opera, Music Theater, Cabaret - as a Singer or a Pianist
Ricciardone, Michael MPAP, Vocal Performance Private Voice to Majors, Music Theatre Repertoire, Vocal Coach, Music Director of Annual Musical, Audition Committee     Singer and Pianist and Coach
Roselli, Christopher Tisch, CAP 21 Vocology   Active Professional Solo and Ensemble Singer  
Rowe,Robert MPAP, Music Composition   Interactive Music Systems, Music Cognition, Music & Emotion, Distributed Performance, Music Information Retrieval applied to live performance Artistic director of the Interactive Arts Performance Series, in collaboration with the Electronic Music Foundation New music and computer music performance
Sadoff, Ron MPAP, Film Scoring Analytical/Aesthetic/Historical course that provides critical synergies of music and moving images, i.e. film, television, radio, gaming, etc. Film Music Analysis & Philosophy Film Scoring & Technology Qualitative Research Music Trends in the Entertainment Industry Composing for Film and Multimedia Silent Film: Live Performance Piano Performance Tisch Film/TV: Live performance with Film and Orchestra Tisch/Steinhardt: Director/Composer Jounalism/Steinhardt: Directors/Composers
Samuels, David FAS, Music   ethnomusicology and linguistic anthropology; music and semiotics; Native American music and poetics    
Sanders, Charlie MPAP, Music Business Copyright Law, Creator's Rights, First Amendment, Music Plagiarism and Piracy     If expertise is helpful
Scherzinger, Martin Media, Culture, and Communication Research specializes in musical culture, media and politics of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, with a particular interest in the music of high modernism, minimalism, post-modernism, transnational musical fusions, electronic dance music (from disco to trance), non-western music, and the economic determinants of globalization. The work is resolutely interdisciplinary, spanning the fields of ethnomusicology, musicology, and music theory no less than sound studies, performance studies, and critical theory. Other interests include the poetics of copyright law, queer theory in music, censorship, and the politics of mass-mediated music. Media Analaysis, Practices of Listening, African Music, Music of the 20th/21st Centuries, Musical Analysis, Composition Active Composer and Performer (Mbira, Percussion, Piano with Echo Ensemble: African Alchemies) Music Analysis, Topics in Audiovision, Aesthetics, Composition
Shankman, Ira MPAP, Music Education Music Technology/Improvisation Positive reinforcement as related to Music Performance and Improvisation Conductor, Arranger, Choral Activities Open to ideas
Shankman, Nancy MPAP, Music Education Expanding the walls of the classroom through collaborations with the cultural community Curriculum Development - Created the NYC Department of Education Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Music Conductor, NYU Madrigal Singers, Choral training and techniques, Vocal pedagogy, Performer Interdisciplinary connections with other arts disciplines to develop forums, master classes and collaborations with the NYC Cultural Community. Open to other opportunities.
Silverman, Marissa MPAP, Music Education music education philosophy, general music, artistic interpretation, teacher education, and interdisciplinary curriculum development music education philosophy, general music, artistic interpretation, teacher education, and interdisciplinary curriculum development flute performance, chamber music performance psychology of music and music education, philosophy of music and music education, community outreach
Underwood, Kent Avery Fisher Center Renaissance, Baroque, Twentieth-Century Avant-Garde