Programs - Music Education

Summer Course Offerings – 2011

Summer Sessions:

I- May 21 to June 8
II - June 11 to June 29
III- July 2 to July 20
IV - July 23 to August 10           

SUMMER SESSION I (May 21 to June 8)

Course # Title Day Time Pts Room Instructor
MPAME-GE.2021.001       Music Ref. and Research  Materials                             
MTWR    5:00- 7:30 pm   3      Ed 306 Elliott         
  This course is an introduction to: (a) researching and writing papers, and (b) identifying reference materials and sources. Emphasis is on utilizing the resources of libraries, indices, and the Internet. A major bibliography and research paper are required.          

SUMMER SESSION II (June 11 to June 29)

Course # Title Day Time Pts Room Instructor
MPAME-GE.2114.001       Music For the Exceptional Children                             


7:30 pm  

3      Ed 770 Sobol        

SUMMER SESSION III (July 2 to July 20)

Course # Title Day Time Pts Rooom Instructor
MPAIA-GE.2029.001      Tech. Resources for Perf. Arts Educators

5:00- 7:05 pm   

3     GODD B04 Gilbert       
  Applications of communication and digital technology as designed for performing arts as resources for performing arts educators.  Special emphasis is given to the use of the World Wide Web (WWW) as a resource for researching and creating performing arts materials and developing collaboration in the performing arts. Applications of the WWW as an archive for performing arts materials and portfolios are also explored.          
MPAME-GE.2079.001 Jazz in Music Education MTWR 1:30 -3:10 p.m. 3 Ed770 I.Shankman
  A leading jazz educator explores jazz and jazz ensembles for educational settings, with emphasis on repertoire, rehearsal and performance techniques in developing musicianship and cultural understanding. For instrumentalists and vocalists.          

Kodály Summer Institute (Summer Session III)

Comprehensive workshop in the Kodály method. Based on the idea that singing is the foundation for musicianship, the Kodály methodology focuses on music literature experienced through the use of folk and composed songs from children’s linguistic heritage.

Course # Title Day Time Pts Room Instructor
MPAME-GE.2146.001      Kodály: Level I*                                                                                                                                             
MTWRF    8:00am - 4:45 pm         3     TBA Kerlin    
MPAME-GE.2147.001 Kodály: Level II* MTWRF 8:00am - 4:45 pm 3 TBA Kerlin
MPAME-GE.2148.001 Kodály: Level III* MTWRF 8:00am - 4:45 pm 3 TBA Kerlin
*Orientation- TBD, 5:00-7:00pm.

For further information, please visit the Kodály Summer Institute page.

SUMMER SESSION IV (July 23 to August 10)

Course # Title Day Time Pts Room Instructor
MPAME-GE.2139.001    Basic Concepts of music Ed   MTWR    12:00- 2:30 pm   3      Ed 307 Elliott         
  Analysis of a wide range of published research on relationships between music education and behaviorism, cognitive development theory, constructivism, humanism, human consciousness studies, self-identity formation, motivation theory, and tests of musical intelligence and achievement. Music Education contributes importantly to this dialectical exchange among competing and complementary theories.          
MPAME-GE.2082.001 Choral Materials and  Techniques MTWR 3:00- 5:00pm   2  Ed 307 N.Shankman

The choral rehearsal is more than just singing. This course will provide hands-on experience with vocal and choral techniques for the elementary, middle and high school voice and chorus, rehearsal techniques, choral arranging and composition for various ensembles, including selection and development of repertoire and involvement of students in the arranging, composing and performing process.


IMPACT Workshop (Summer Session IV) 

Creative projects developed collaboratively by performing artists, arts technicians, composers, choreographers, directors, and others designed for live and processed performance in various performance venues. The final performance will be on Thursday, August 11th.     

Course # Title Day Time Pts Room Instructor
Workshop      IMPACT (Interactive Multimedia Performing Arts Collaborative Technology)                              MTWR    9:00am-6:00pm  fee      TBD Gilbert        
MPAIA-GE.2031.001 Collaborative Projects in the Performing Arts MTWR TBD 3 TBD Gilbert
  Graduate students participating in IMPACT workshop can register in MPAIA-GE.2031 if they wish to receive credit.          
MPAME-UE.1031.001 Creative Performance Opportunities in Music Ed MTWR TBD 3 TBD Gilbert
  Highschool and undergraduate students participating in IMPACT workshop can register in MPAME-UE.1031 if they wish to receive credit.          

For further details, please visit the IMPACT Summer Program page.