Programs - Music Education

B.M. Music/M.A. Music Education Dual Degree


• B.M. Instrumental Performance/M.A. Music Education (curriculum)
• B.M. Music Composition/M.A. Music Education (curriculum)
• B.M. Piano Performance/M.A. Music Education (curriculum)
• B.M. Vocal Performance/M.A. Music Education (curriculum)

These four dual degree programs are designed for students already enrolled in the NYU Steinhardt undergraduate programs in music composition and instrumental, piano, and vocal performance.

Dual degree students take courses in music education in their junior and senior years which enables them to complete the M.A. in Music Education in one additional year of study.

Upon successful completion of the 5-year degree program, students will hold both an undergraduate degree in composition or performance and a master's degree in music education. Students graduating with the M.A. will have met all academic requirements to be eligible for initial teacher certification. There are additional state examinations for initial certification and teaching under a mentor to earn professional certification.

Application Process

1. Pre-Application Appointment

Before applying for the dual degree program, please make an appointment with Professor Ira Shankman to review the five-year program of study and to discuss your interests and professional goals in music and music education. Completing the dual degree curriculum within five years requires both commitment and careful planning. This conversation will help you make an informed decision about preparing to become a music teacher and whether to apply for this dual degree program. Please bring a copy of your current NYU transcript (unofficial) to this meeting.

2. Online Application

NYU composition and performance undergraduates seeking to enroll in the B.M. Music/M.A. Music Education Dual Degree Program must complete an online application. This application must be submitted during your sophomore year. The dual degree begins in the junior year.

The online application requires all of the following:

1. An essay that explains your interest in the B.M. Music/M.A. Music Education Dual Degree Program (approximately 500 - 1,000 words)

2. A copy of your current CV

3. A paper/essay from a previous class

When you have prepared the above materials, PLEASE APPLY HERE.


Informational Meeting: Tuesday, February 21

After your file is complete, the music education faculty will schedule you for an interview in March.

The faculty will inform you of their decision concerning your application via email by late March so that you may register for fall classes in a timely manner.

3. Change of Major Form - Undergraduate Program

Once you are accepted, you will submit a "change of major form." This form will allow you to transfer to the new dual degree program (undergraduate curriculum).

For more information, please contact Professor Ira Shankman at

4. Dual Degree Declaration - Graduate Program

By March 1 of your senior year you and your advisor must submit a Dual Degree Declaration Form to the Office of Graduate Admissions. This will prompt Graduate Admissions to create your graduate student record for the upcoming year.

Graduate Financial Aid: Important Information 

Please note that financial aid at the graduate level is different than at the undergraduate level and you will not receive the same aid. In fact, some types of aid available to undergraduate students are not available once you become a graduate student.
To be considered for any type of financial aid (including scholarships), you must submit a FAFSA renewal between January 1 and February 1 of your senior year.  When submiting the form, be sure to indicate your new status as a graduate student.