Curriculum - Music Education

Music Education Graduate Research Portfolio

The thesis requirement for most music education programs is the development of a Professional Research Portfolio.  This portfolio should include (but not be limited to):

  1. resume
  2. philosophy of teaching
  3. journals, logs, and blogs
  4. curriculum and lesson plans
  5. research papers (important) and other term papers
  6. annotated bibliography (books read during graduate study with brief description of the book and its importance.)
  7. evidence of teaching
  8. transcript
  9. CD/DVD of teaching, performances, or creative work
  10. letters of recommendation
  11. arrangements, compositions
  12. testimonials and/or evaluations of work
  13. Thesis*
    * Thesis requirement: 20-25 pages. An informed critical reflection in the context
    of the literature: preparation teaching internship with recommendations for further
    self-development. (1st Year: Reflection of observation; 2nd Year: Reflection of teaching internship)

Other items that are not listed above could be included where appropriate. Items listed above are the fundamental items that must be included, but the other materials may provide opportunities to show special talents and achievements.

Creating the portfolio is intended to be a means of reflecting on your educational process and experience. The research portfolio becomes an important resource for launching or advancing a teaching career.  All materials should bear the evidence of research and involvement throughout graduate study.

Students register for MPAME-GE 2939 Colloquy in Music Education for 1-3 points in the final semester of study, so that the portfolio can be reviewed.  The materials can be collected in hanging files with portable file storage cases, file cases, or large binders with envelopes.  This would enable the portfolio to contain DVDs and Videotapes, as well as arrangements and compositions of considerable size.

An electronic version may also be created and posted on the Internet.