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Storytelling at the Provincetown Playhouse

Fall 2015 Season

Are stories shaped by the People who tell them or are the People shaped by the stories they tell? This fall we open a window into wonderfully divergent cultures guided by four storytellers whose roots reach deep into the loam of their ancestors’ lives. Welsh storyteller Peter Stevenson brings us dark fairy tales from western Wales; African American tellers Therese Folkes Plair and Joy Kelly Smith intertwine tall and true tales and music from their South Carolina, Mississippi, and African roots; and Leeny Del Seamonds brings a piñata of cuentos - both traditional and personal - from her Cuban American familia. Come to enjoy; come to learn; come to celebrate the rich diversity of our shared stories.

Peter Stevenson tells Myra, the Lost Fairytales of West Wales
Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.

An encounter with the dark Otherworld of west Wales, from lazy harpers to light footed fiddlers, from the Lady of the millpond to the Llanina mermaid, from Siani Pob Man to Dylan the poet. These fairytales were collected by Myra Evans of New Quay around west Wales over a hundred years ago and pieced together by Peter Stevenson as he wandered the old Welsh Tramping Road in search of ivy-covered ruins and misty memories of people long gone. This program is for older children, adults, and lovers of dark fairy tales.

Peter Stevenson is a Welsh storyteller, illustrator, writer, folklorist, and festival producer. His recent project has been to tell the story of Myra Evans, who put together the finest collection of fairy tales in Wales. Peter has lived in Aberystwyth for the last thirty years where he is frequently seen walking the old Welsh tramping roads with a pack on his back, a story on his lips, his head in the clouds, and his feet in the mud.

Therese Folkes Plair and Joy Kelly Smith tell Haints, Haunts and Whazzits: A Halloween Confabulation
Sunday, October 25, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.

Growing up, most people are told there are no such things as ghosts and haunts. Not so for Therese Folkes Plair, South Carolina- (Gullah) and Virginia-reared, and Joy Kelly Smith, Mississippi- and Tennessee-reared. The two women reach into their Southern/African roots to bring us face to face with the terrifying, the sad, and the merely curious from the natural and supernatural worlds in that mysterious interface where a good story...true, mebbe true, and down-right "lie" born. As musicians, storytellers, and educators, they have performed and taught in the US and Africa. They know "haints" and have passed through a few "haunts." And they are terrific performers.

Therese Folkes Plair has traveled throughout the world performing music, myths, and folktales and giving workshops on storytelling, movement, and sound. She is currently an NGO Representative to the United Nations and co-chairs the NGO Committee on Children's Rights. Most recent recording:  "Forever Friends."

Joy Kelly Smith was born in Mississippi and grew up in Tennessee, the daughter of a Baptist preacher. Her storytelling has taken her to the Clearwater Festival, Mohegan Festival, and the Hans Christian Andersen storytelling series in Central Park. She is featured in the documentary “A Child Shall Lead Them,” chronicling the integration of schools in Nashville, Tennessee.

Leeny Del Seamonds tells “¡Ay Caramba!” Bilingual Stories & Songs
Sunday, November 8, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.

Bilingual storyteller Leeny Del Seamonds offers a colorful piñata of Latino folk and original tales and tunes decorated with Spanish-English translations, a pinch of audience participation, and bursting with Leeny’s Cuban American sense of humor. Come meet “Renaldo,” a vain rascal from Argentina; hear heart-warming, humorous stories about Leeny’s Cuban familia; travel to South America where birds create a coat of feathers for a friend; delight in Rosa María, Leeny’s sassy cousin. And that’s just the tip of the piñata!

With a face and voice that launched a thousand characters, Leeny Del Seamonds is an internationally acclaimed performer, author, award-winning recording artist, and winner of the National Storytelling Network ORACLE Circle of Excellence Award.

All shows are at the historic Provincetown Playhouse at 133 MacDougal Street and are appropriate for adults and children 10 and older.

Events are free. Box office opens one hour before the show
Information line  212-998-5867
David Montgomery, Program Director, Program in Educational Theatre
Regina Ress, Producer