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Storytelling at the Provincetown Playhouse

Fall 2016 Season: Border Crossings

Boundaries and Walls – Physical. Emotional. Political. We humans set them up, tear them down, and sometimes manage to pass through them to free ourselves and others. Stories help us to viscerally remember the interconnection of everything – visible and invisible. In this time of old-order walling in and walling out vs. new-order global connectivity, four internationally renowned storytellers, Peter Stevenson, Regina Ress, Noa Baum, and Laura Simms, bring stories that explore and illuminate the possibilities of crossing borders to find boundlessness and peace. Join us and learn how.

Regina Ress and Peter Stevenson tell Borderless and Boundless
Sunday, September 25, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.

Peter Stevenson from Wales and Regina Ress from NYC weave traditional and personal stories to explore visible and invisible boundaries, tear down walls, and celebrate connection. Peter brings the story of women who lived freely in the literal no man’s land between high tide and the cliffs of west Wales; Regina shares the legend of a woman called forth from her village to help a crocodile. These and other tales, true and possibly true, invite us all to consider the barriers, literal and figurative, that we build to mark our territory and the gates we might fling open to embrace the “other” and, by doing so, enlarge our lives. (Appropriate for adults and youth 12 and older.)

Regina Ress, long time resident of Greenwich Village, has performed and taught from Broadway to Brazil, from homeless shelters and prisons to Lincoln Center and the White House. She’s told stories in English and Spanish in numerous national and international festivals including her most recent program, Compassion, Generosity, & Grace: Stories from 9/11. She teaches storytelling for NYU’s Educational Theatre and Multilingual/Multicultural Studies Programs and has produced Storytelling at the Provincetown Playhouse since 2003.

Peter Stevenson is a Welsh storyteller, illustrator, writer, folklorist, and festival producer. He has performed at festivals, arts centers, and theatres across Wales and the Borders, in Europe and across the US. Peter has lived in Aberystwyth for the last thirty years, where he is frequently seen walking the old Welsh tramping roads with a pack on his back, a story on his lips, his head in the clouds, and his feet in the mud.

Noa Baum tells A Land Twice Promised
Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.

Storyteller Noa Baum, an Israeli who began a heartfelt dialogue with a Palestinian woman while living in the United States, weaves together their memories and their mothers' stories. She creates a moving testimony illuminating the complex and contradictory history and emotions that surround Jerusalem for Israelis and Palestinians alike. Noa takes us behind the rhetoric and headlines to hear the true stories of four women, two Israelis and two Palestinians. In the process, we experience the most precious ingredient for the resolution of any major conflict: mutual compassion. (Appropriate for adults and youth 12 and older.)

Born and raised in Israel, Noa Baum is an award-winning storyteller and NYU alum. She performs internationally with diverse audiences ranging from the World Bank, prestigious universities and congregations, to inner city schools and detention centers. Noa offers a unique combination of performance art and practical workshops that focus on the power of narrative to heal across the divides of identity. She is the author of the memoir A Land Twice Promised: An Israeli Woman’s Quest For Peace.

Laura Simms tells Unlocking Nine Locks
Sunday, November 6, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.

Unlocking Nine Locks is an exploration of ancient roots and contemporary repair of rape of all kinds: physical, environmental, political, and spiritual. World renowned storyteller Laura Simms explores the origins of disconnection from the natural world, the power of the feminine, and the regenerative nature of telling stories, which provides profound repair. The show weaves true stories with tales from Scandinavia, Haiti, South Africa, and a rarely shared tale from the Brothers Grimm. This work is revelatory, entertaining, and transformative. The wall of punishing beliefs crumbles as we cross the border into a more essential way of seeing the healing nature of our minds. (Appropriate for adults and youth 15 and older.)

Laura Simms is an award-winning performer, writer, and educator advocating storytelling as compassionate action for personal and community transformation. She is a Senior Research Fellow for the International Peace Institute at Rutgers University-Newark under the auspices of UNESCO. She performs worldwide for adult and young audiences and is a member of the Therapeutic Arts Alliance of Manhattan, and a senior teacher of Shambhala Buddhist meditation. Laura is the winner of the National Storytelling Network’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

All shows are at the historic Provincetown Playhouse at 133 Macdougal Street.

Events are free. Box office opens one hour before the show
Information line  212-998-5867
David Montgomery, Program Director, Program in Educational Theatre
Regina Ress, Producer