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Storytelling at the Provincetown Playhouse

Spring 2014 Season

From ancient India to Africa, from Scandinavia’s caves to California’s coast, world renowned storytellers bring us classic and contemporary tales of love, wisdom, fearlessness and fun.

Friday, February 14, 8 p.m.
Out Of This World: Annual Valentine Concert
Cupid’s arrows bring fever, ecstasy, laughter and love in these stories classic, and not so classic, told by renowned storyteller Regina Ress. We often speak of love and sex as being “heavenly.” For this year’s Valentine’s concert, we will cavort with gods and genies out of this world and in it, on mountain tops and beaches, and in a magical world turned blue. Bring your Valentine or simply your heart and join Regina for her eleventh annual Love Stories concert.
Appropriate for adults.


Sunday, April 6, 3 p.m.
Ehsoti: Standing On Tradition   
Long before the written word, the history, traditions and cultural values of African people were passed down orally. Drawing on the rich source of stories, songs, and rhythmic elements that are hallmarks of the African and African-American oral traditions, world renowned storyteller Charlotte Blake Alston will share traditional stories and songs interspersed with glimpses of childhood influences from her family community. The stories continue to strengthen, sustain and bind the community with a shared American experience. Come enjoy this celebration of storytelling and oral tradition by one of America’s greatest storytellers.
Appropriate for adults and children 10 and older.

Sunday, May 4, 3 p.m.

The Mountain King: Norse Legend
A young girl with too much curiosity and a strong wish to experience life meets the Mountain King, part troll, part incredibly handsome guy. This delicious version of the old Norse legend is brought to life by Swedish storyteller Johanna Hongell-Darsee and musician Scott Darsee, illustrated by Bronze Age chants, Finnish tango and Medieval ballads. It parallels the Greek story of Persephone, but this bold young woman walks right into the adventure herself. Who will rescue her? Come to the Provincetown and find out!
Appropriate for adults and children 9 and older.

Storytelling at the Provincetown Playhouse

133 MacDougal Street, (between W. 3rd St. & Washington Sq.)

Events are free. Box office opens 1 hour before the show
Information line  212 998 5867
David Montgomery, Program Director, Program in Educational Theatre
Regina Ress, Producer

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