Programs - Educational Theatre

Educational Theatre Concentrated Areas

The NYU Program in Educational Theatre provides concentrated study in three areas:

By concentrated study, we mean areas of specialization in the broad field of educational theatre in which the program has particular expertise. Potential applicants to NYU, as well as current students, will find detailed descriptions of each concentration area above.

We believe you will find these descriptions comprehensive and illuminating in that they cover the broad terrain of the program’s work. Nonetheless, these areas are not meant to delimit your focus, but rather they highlight those fields of study where we can offer the most support and where our reputation has been built.

If you have any questions of how your area of interest fits into our concentrated study, or if your questions are not answered through the above links, then please contact the appropriate academic advisors, or make an appointment with the program office to speak to an advisor over the phone or in person:

Program Office: Phone: 212.998.5868

BS (ETHR): Dr. Nancy Smithner:

Prof. Joseph Salvatore:

MA (EDTA): Prof. Joseph Salvatore:

MA (ETED): Dr. Nancy Smithner:

MA (EDTC): Prof. Amy Cordileone:

MA (ETSS): Prof. David Montgomery:

EdD/ PhD (EDTH/EDTC): Dr. Jonathan Jones: