Educational Theatre


2016 Forum on Educational Theatre: Mentoring

(From left: Edie Demas, Carole Miller, Juliana Saxton, and Monica Prendergast)

Panelists: Carole Miller, Monica Prendergast, and Juliana Saxton
Moderator: Edie Demas

Effective mentoring can be the foundation of a student’s or new faculty member’s successful transition into a disciplinary field and the positive development of their academic career. Our experiences as mentors and as recipients of mentorship have shaped our respective paths in ways that both mirror the mentoring we have received as well as shift the act of mentoring into new possibilities.

Recording Date: Friday, April 22, 2016
Runtime: 30 minutes 36 seconds
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2016 Forum on Educational Theatre: Arts-Based Research

(From left: Edie Demas, Joe Salvatore, Nisha Sajnani, and Richard Sallis)

Panelists:              Nisha Sajnani, Richard Sallis, and Joe Salvatore
Moderator:            Edie Demas

Professors Nisha Sajnani, Richard Sallis, and Joe Salvatore speak about opportunities and challenges in arts based research. During this conversation, they focus on the role of aesthetics and knowledge translation in embodied, improvisational, and performance research. 

Recording Date: Saturday, April 23, 2016
Runtime: 33 minutes 42 seconds
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2016 Forum on Educational Theatre: Theatre for Young Audiences

(From left: Edie Demas, Tim Webb, and Paul Brewster)

Panelists: Paul Brewster and Tim Webb
Moderator: Edie Demas

At both Oily Cart and Trusty Sidekick Theater (TSTC), Tim Webb and Paul Brewster, respectively, work with artistic ensembles committed to challenging accepted definitions of theater, audience and the intrinsic value of that relationship. Dedicated to work that is multi-sensory, multi-disciplinary, often immersive or site specific and always innovative, both companies continue to challenge assumptions of what’s possible. Greatly influenced by Oily Cart’s work for young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, Trusty Sidekick, via a commission from Lincoln Center Education (LCE), participated in a series of masterclass devising workshops with Tim. As a result of LCE’s ground-breaking commission, TSTC created Up and Away, an original work for audiences on the autism spectrum, which premiered at Lincoln Center in the Fall of 2015. This podcast, moderated by Edie Demas, will explore the companies’ aesthetics, creative process and focus on their audience relationships.

Recording Date: Sunday, April 24, 2016
Runtime: 34 minutes 35 seconds
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