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Abraham, Donna (2003) Dealing with Erotic Transference and Countertransference in the Playspace
Acevedo, Darien (2005) A Critical View of Robert Landy’s Taxonomy of Roles from a Hispanic American Perspective
Ahlstrom, Annika (2003) The New Role of Mother and Drama Therapy
Antinori, Deborah (1993) It’s Not the Thing You Fling, It’s the Fling Itself
Berger, Barbara (2002) Women, the Forgotten Homeless: Drama Therapy with Homeless, Dually Diagnosed Women
Beauregard, Mark Allen (2004)

Drama Therapy in the Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Gender Identity Disorder

Billey, Nicholson (1999) Choctaw Willie: A Drama Therapy Autobiographical Performance
Bloch, Andrea (2002) Vessel vs. Mold: A Case Study
Bloom, Zachary (2004) Breaking the Boy Code: How Drama Therapy Helps to Uncover and Redefine Shame
Brown, Dawn (2003) Coming to Voice: Empowering “At-Risk” Inner City African American Girls Through the Use of Drama Therapy
Bush, Natalie (2003) Extremes on the Continuum: Closing the Gap Between Drama Therapy and the medical Model
Butler, Jason (2003) Shakespeare as Muse: Using Shakespearean Roles to Influence Role Theory in Creating a Therapeutic Performance with the Homeless Mentally Ill
Campbell, Brooke A. (2005) The Wounds of Female Aggression: Exploring Roles of Victims and Perpetrators
Clayton, Susan Role Profile of an Adult with Chronic Depression
Cohen, Karen G. (1995) The Effects of Drama Therapy on the Adult Orphan in Mourning
Danish, Barbara (1987) Catharsis in Drama Therapy: Defining and Recognizing Therapeutic Change
Davis, Lore (2003) Straight On To Morning. . . The Search for a Children’s Taxonomy
Dillard, Karimah (2004) Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die:
Applying a Drama Therapy Based Distancing Model in Confronting Death Denial Between a Mother and a Daughter
Doner-Tudanger, Gaye (1991)

Incorporation the Role of the Bad Girl into the Role

Ellaby, Donna Gabriel (2005) Derek and the Healers: Three Approaches to Drama
Gaines, Andrew (2005) The Role Taxonomy Checklist: An Exploration of Drama
Therapy Assessment
Genick, Jessica (2003) Breaking The Rules: A Musical Journey Exploring the Relationship Between Landy’s Taxonomy and a Progression of Role Types Inherent in the Genre of Musical Theatre
Goodkin, Carol A. (2004) Effects of an Integrated Drama Therapy Approach on
Eating Disordered Clients in Short-Term Treatment
Gordon, Jennifer (2002) Unmasking the Self: Exploring the Role Systems of Violent
Male Offenders Through Masks
Haen, Craig, M. (1999) Recasting the Hero: A Drama Therapy Perspective on Male
Gender Roles
Johnson, Jennifer K. (2004) Hero, Victim and Villain: The Use of Role Method in
Short-Term Treatment of Trauma in Children After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001
Kim, Kyongok C. (2002) Drama Therapy with Korean Americans: Integration of
culturally conflicting roles of Korean Americans through the role method
Kirby, Christa K. (2003) Harry Potter is a Homeboy, Cinderella is Fly: Revisiting
Once Upon a Time Using Drama Therapy
Lake, Gabriella (2004) Looking at the Effects of Short Term Drama Therapy on an
Adolescent Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
Lavner, Sara (1992) The Therapeutic Effects of Humor in Drama Therapy
Livneh, Mickey and McLellan, Lucy (2004) The Good Enough Guide- Exploring Role Theory and Object Relations in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and Substance Abuse
Long, Kristin Drama Therapy with Deaf Adults with Chronic Mental Illness: A
Hearing Therapist’s Perspective
Martin, Frances (2005) Drama Therapy, Pediatrics, and Countertransference: The
Case of Jarrod
Minker, Amanda (2002) Mother May I? Women, Family, Career Choice and Role
Theory: An Exploration
Negishi, Rie (2004) Helping Patients Manage Stress: The use of Drama Therapy with
a combination of Art for Long-Term Adult Chronic Mentally Ill Patients with Nicotine Dependence
Omens, Stephanie (1999) Building Empathy: The Relationship of Drama Therapy
to the Training of Physicians about Addictive Disorders
Ortiz, Rene A. (2002) Unmasking the Horror: A drama therapeutic exploration of the
Palet, Maria Gabriela (2003) The Playspace as the Container for Authenticity:
Drama Therapy with the Homeless Mentally Ill
Peled, Tamar (2005) Drama Therapists’ Attitude Toward Drama Therapy
Pilutik, Thomas J. (2003) “The Dramatic Child”: Brief Group Drama Therapy Interventions in the Treatment of Emotionally Disturbed and Traumatized Children
Pinna-Perez, Angelica (2003) “Hush. . . “ Exploring the roles of the Virgin, the
Whore and Silence in Latina Self-Awareness: A Case Study
Portine, Anne C. (1998) The Process of Creating and Refining a Projective Role
Assessment Test in Drama Therapy
Pottinger, Alan Advice from the Players: Actor Training Techniques and Drama Therapy
Powers, Lisa (2003) Life Imitates Art: An Exploration of the Characters in Anton
Chekhov’s Three Sisters using Role Theory
Rattray, Tricia (2001) Drama Therapy for Adult Skills Development
Rogers, Tracie (2003) Storying the Silence: A Narrative Historical Approach to Drama Therapy with Chronically Ill Children and Adolescents
Rosenberg, Yael (1999) What Truth About Man’s Self Concept is Being Told by the Roles he Acts on the Everyday Stage?
Roten, Russell G (2005) DSM-IV and the Taxonomy of Roles: How can the Taxonomy of Roles complement the DSM-IV to create a more holistic diagnostic tool?
Schettler, Kate Erin (2005) The Meaning of Distance Within Three Modalities of Drama Therapy
Siegel, Lara (2003) Drama Therapy and the Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect
Sitjar, Allyn (2004) Moving Across the Bridge to the Gateway of Wellness: Using Drama Therapy to Relinquish The Role of the Mentally Ill
Smith, Stephanie (2003) Strength Based Drama Therapy: The Creation of a Drama
Therapy curriculum guide and its use in developing adaptability skills in an Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program for chronically mentally ill adults
Tauscher, Katherine R. (2003) Hello, Goodbye: Drama Therapy Groups in the World
of Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Units
Taveras, Karen R. (2003) Exploring the Role of God: A look at how God influences
the role system of homeless mentally ill adults


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