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The University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects (UCAIHS)

Steinhardt students proposing to do research involving human subjects for an independent study, a graduate thesis, or a doctoral dissertation require approval from the University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects (UCAIHS). If your proposed research involves interviews, surveys, questionnaires, participant observation, ethnography, or other methods involving human subjects, UCAIHS approval is required. Approval from UCAIHS must be granted before work on the research or data collection has begun, including all pilot studies, trial runs, pretests, and preliminary sampling or surveys. The application process begins with Steinhardt pre-approval.

Pre-Approval Process for the Submission of Applications to the UCAIHS by Steinhardt Students

All Steinhardt students initiating a UCAIHS (University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects) application for any research study are required to use the following process: 

  1. Prior to submission to UCAIHS, students must complete and pass the UCAIHS on-line human subjects tutorial. See more information
  2. The student must work with a faculty mentor while preparing a UCAIHS application. This mentor is usually a dissertation chair or advisor.
  3. When the faculty mentor determines the UCAIHS material is complete, the application and all accompanying documents are transmitted electronically to the Steinhardt designate for pre-review. Submit materials by email to .
  4. Materials must be transmitted in Word document format. This includes the UCAIHS application, signed by the faculty sponsor, and all appendices. The application should be given a file name that includes a last name (e.g., NEW APPLICATION_JONES.doc). Appendices must be similarly labeled (e.g., APPENDICES_JONES.doc).
  5. On subsequent revisions, add the word "revision1" etc. to the file name. Applications that are incomplete or not properly named will be returned without review.
  6. Feedback will be given to the student and faculty mentor as quickly as possible, usually within one business week when the University is in session (may be longer during peak periods). Applications requiring revisions will be returned and revised until the application is determined to be ready to submit to UCAIHS. 
  7. When the application and accompanying documents are pre-approved, they will be forwarded to UCAIHS.

Please note that applications received from August 10 through Labor Day and during all University breaks will be reviewed when school is back in session.