Guidelines - Doctoral - Music and Performing Arts

Guidelines - Doctoral - Music and Performing Arts

Doctoral Policies

The doctoral programs in our department are governed by the school-wide policies and procedures. See detailed information on doctoral policies regarding a number of important issues such as matriculation, advisement, full-time equivalency or leave of absence, to mention only a few examples. The information below is department specific and complimentary to that provided by the School.

Doctoral Collegium and Maintaining Matriculation

Every Fall and Spring semesters of their doctoral studies, students must register and participate in the Performing Arts Research Collegium: the 0-credit version when taking coursework (MPAIA-GE 3401) and the 1-credit version after finishing with all their coursework (MPAIA-GE 3400) in order to maintain matriculation.

Satisfactory Progress

The department requires all its doctoral students to complete and submit (in the context of Collegium) an academic plan in the fall, and a progress report in the spring of every year of their studies. These reports, which should be pre-approved by your advisor or the chair of your dissertation committee, are reviewed by the director of doctoral studies, who then sends a notification to the school about satisfactory or unsatisfactory progress per student. For more information, see the Doctoral Requirements page.

Students who do not make satisfactory progress toward the completion of their research and dissertation may be dropped from the program.

After Completing Required Coursework (ABD)

Full-time students have eight years after matriculation to complete all work for the doctoral degree, including research, writing the dissertation and defending the dissertation in the final oral examination. Students are expected to make steady progress toward completing the research and the dissertation after completing all coursework.

Human Subjects Research

See information on university policies for research involving human subjects (including about IRB information seminars).