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MA Students Discuss Their Experience
Alfdaniels Mabingo: Why Study at NYU?
Information: Why Teaching Dance is Important
Alfdaniels Mabingo: Finding Community in NY
Sophie Alpern: A Typical Day
Stephanie Havenstein: 
Typical Day / Favorite Experience
Alfdaniels Mabingo: Favorite NYU Project
Sophie Alpern: Why NYU Dance Education?
Alfdaniels Mabingo: Why NYU and NYC?
Sophie Alpern: Becoming a Dance Teacher
Stephanie Havenstein: Living in New York
Alfdaniels Mabingo: 
Post-Graduation Plans
Stephanie Havenstein: A Partnership with NYU & ABT
Winter Session, Uganda, 2011
Ballet Dancers Learn the Art of Teaching 2010
Performance: ACDFA 2010 
Performance: Faculty Concert 2009
Performance: Faculty Concert 2008
Performance: MA Concert 2006