Graduate Programs - Dance Education

Teaching Dance in the Professions


This curriculum is designed for those who wish to teach dance in higher education settings or to prepare for doctoral study (36 credits). Teaching Dance content courses and Pedagogy courses are geared toward the adult learner. Research is an emphasized component of this track, leading to a culminating project. The applicant for this track is an established competent dancer or choreographer, who now wants to develop pedagogy and research content as a compliment to her artistry.

The mission of the Dance Education Program, of which the Teaching Dance in the Professions Masters program is a part, is to provide high quality professional development in the theory and practice of dance education for teachers, administrators, performing artists, and research scholars in the fields of dance and education.  Our “thinking-centered” approach emphasizes the integration of the developing mind and body in the context of cultural practices through research, pedagogic, and discipline-based inquiries.  Our goal is to facilitate the growth of students’ creative and critical thinking abilities, thereby increasing their knowledge and expertise in dance and dance education. 

About the Program:

  • Master of Arts Degree in Teaching Dance in the Professions. Offers a new concentration in ABT Ballet Pedagogy.
  • Prepares teachers for studios and conservatories as well as for further doctoral study in dance education and teaching in higher education.
  • Full time study: Coursework can be completed in three semesters.
  • Students examine dance for the express purpose of developing research-informed and proficient teachers who possess a balance between pedagogy, artistry and research.
  • A final research project is the culmination of the degree.
  • Unique courses include:
    • Methods & Materials for Teaching Dance
    • Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis
    • Teaching Performance of Dance/ Improvisation
    • Research in Dance Education
    • Dance in Higher Education
  • Students can choose electives such as African Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Dance for Students with Special Needs, and Creative Movement.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will examine dance through a pedagogic lens to select and apply teaching and learning processes appropriate to various settings and populations.
  • Students will critically evaluate, review, and put into practice varying educational models in order to develop their own teaching philosophies and skills.
  • Students will employ research methods to examine existing bases of information and create new knowledge in the field.