Students - Dance Education

Dance Education Performance Opportunities

The program’s approach to performing and performance activities is predicated on the premise that successful dance educators must develop both their understanding of the craft and production of dance. Similar to the field of music education, PreK-12 dance programs – and by extension K-12 teachers of dance – are often judged primarily by the school and parent communities on the quality of annual or semi-annual dance productions. It is imperative, therefore, that prospective dance educators understand the creative and organizational requirements for choreographing, staging, and producing student performances.

In short, the summative evaluation of dance learning (and teaching) is embodied in the dance concert. Thus, the best dance educators understand the ins and outs of performance, both as performers/choreographers and as directors/producers. For this reason, we offer the following opportunities to perform, choreograph, produce, and direct dance concerts for elementary, secondary, and postsecondary audiences.

Distinguished Faculty Concert
Our annual spring concert provides a unique apprenticeship experience working directly with our distinguished faculty.

Kaleidoscope Dancers for Children
The program’s student dance ensemble, Kaleidoscope Dancers for Children presents dance performances and interactive workshops for NYC area school children.

Masters Student Concert
Our annual fall concert offers students the opportunity to choreograph and perform in original student works.

New Music & Dance Ensemble
The New Music & Dance Ensemble performs improvisational-based work using advanced technologies in collaboration with musicians.