Film Collaborations

Our film scoring program is unique in its proximity to one of the world’s most prestigious film programs, NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, as well as many other media programs. Our students interact with filmmakers from the Tisch Film & Television (narrative and documentary), Tisch Animation & Digital Arts, Arthur L Carter Journalism Institute, NYU Anthropology Department’s Culture & Media Program, and School of Visual Arts. Over the years, our students have scored over a thousand films. Our students work with these filmmakers in variety of different contexts, and many successful and long-lasting relationships are forged in these meetings. In one of our required courses, Scoring for Film & Multimedia, both film scoring and Tisch students are enrolled and collaborate on class assignments. Many of these relationships continue far after the course and our composers are featured in many Tisch thesis films. In addition, our newly-created collaborative website allows filmmakers to browse through our database of current and alumni composers and find the perfect fit based on film and music genres.

Looking for a composer? Listen to our current and past students' work in our FILM SCORING COMPOSER DATABASE