Music Composition

Music Composition FAQ


Q: Do I have to audition for this program? And where do I find audition information?

A. Auditions are required for undergraduate applicants only. Graduate students do not need to schedule an audition when applying. Please visit our Auditions page for the latest audition dates and requirements. If you are unable to attend a live audition, you may send in your materials.

Q: Can non-department majors take private music lessons?

A. Students interested may sign up online. An hour lesson is worth four credits and a half hour lesson is for 2 credits; the student may sign up for whichever fits best in his or her schedule. Private teachers are assigned based on skill level and are given out by the respective instrument department heads. Students with little or no experience are encouraged to take group music lessons when available.

Q: Does the department give tours?

A. Graduate-oriented campus tours are offered by the NYU Student Resource Center. Learn more about graduate tours.