Music Composition Faculty: Youngmi Ha

Music Composition Faculty: Youngmi Ha

Youngmi Ha, Music Composition Faculty

Dr. Youngmi Ha serves as the undergraduate composition program adviser. Her teachers include Byundong Beck in Korea as well as Dinu Ghezzo, Robert Sirota, Justin Dello Joio at New York University. She is a recipient of the 2000 NYU New Faculty Composition Award and Roger Phelps Doctoral Research Scholar Award from NYU in 1997. Dr. Ha received her Ph.D. in Music Composition at NYU, graduating with honors and the department's award in Ph.D study for Outstanding Leadership in Graduate Music Composition. She also received a commission from The Steinhardt School for a ceremonial composition work.

Dr. Ha's music has been performed in Korea, Italy, Germany, England, Romania, and Poland and in throughout the United States. Her music can be heard on two CDs released by Capstone Record. Currently, she is working on commissioned works with Korean Traditional instruments and Western instruments to evoke the serene and mystic color of the Orient in a western musical form.

Key Works

Rain prayer’s song, for Kayaum, alto flute, and piano (2005)
Silla’s Voice, for orchestra (2004)
Garden Rain, for Kayakum trio (2004)
The Road to Home, for Kayakum quartet (2004)
Sanzo I, for Kayakum solo (2003)
The Red, for marimba, flute and percussion ensemble (2003)
Blue Songs, for alto flute (2003)
Wind Ritual for percussion ensemble (2003)
Ari Arari, for mixed chorus, percussion and piano (2002)
White Dance, for flute and prepared piano (2002)
The Simple Joy, for percussion (2001)
Flowers in your hands (in memory of the September 11th tragedy),
for cello and piano (2001)
Mountain Kaya, for small ensemble and bamboo flute (2000)
The Dream, for string quartet (1999)
By the Sea Shore, for clarinet and double bass (1997)
Circles of Time, for solo clarinet (1996)
Voices for brass quintet (1996)
Silk Road, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (1995)


Gayageum Quartet Yeol-Happy Story: Reflection of Myself (2006)
New Music Society-Chorus Works: Ari Arirang for Chorus and Percussion (2002)
1999 Spirals of Time: Emile Sein (Capstone Records, CPS-8668)
Circles of Time for solo clarinet
1998 Cassandra: Roger Heaton and Corrado Cannonici (Capstone
Records, CPS-8658) By the Sea Shore for clarinet and double bass