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Village Records Artists - The States

A band formed fundamentally on their collective love for jangly guitars, soaring melodies and Radiohead, The States  have forced innocent spectators to twist their necks around and take notice, both willingly and by force. Hailing from Brooklyn, the three-piece was formed in 2002 by Chris Snyder, who takes the role as lead vocalist and guitar player extraordinaire. Previn Warren (bass), a classically trained pianist since the age of six, and Joe Stroll (drums) combine their innate propensities for rhythm to create an unparalleled musical force to be reckoned with.

The States group photoArmed with astounding musicianship and an energetic live show to match, The States were dubbed "Best Unsigned Band" by only two years after their conception. The band was catapulted even further into the limelight when their song “Black Jack” was awarded Best Rock Song in the 2006 John Lennon Songwriting competition. Multiply Not Divide, the band’s jaw-dropping debut album is a testament to the dying belief that expertly crafted rock music is still alive and kicking today. With a new album currently in the works, consider yourself warned as The States’ music rips the hinges off jewel cases worldwide and throws listeners into a harmonious world of rolling drums, sweeping guitars and striking vocals.