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Village Records Artists - Banana Split

Indie rock does not begin to fittingly describe the men of NYC band, The Fireflies. Having only been in clear existence for a year, the Fireflies are enjoying local successand conquering listeners with lively gigs. Self described as “Smooth, sweet, bold and lush, a concoction that is a tasty way to help fulfill your daily music quota,” these guys harken back to the sounds of indie predecessors such as the Flaming Lips. Front man Dan Romer (vox/guitar) met and forged fierce songwriting partnership with Will Farr (lead guitarist) during college. Along with Seth Matthew Faulk (drums), Matt Krahula (bass), Andrew Futral (keys), the Fireflies continue to tour around the tri-state area.

Already creating a substantial buzz around city venues and generating hits on college students’ iPods is songwriter and chanteuse Deidre Muro, another unforgettable ingredient on Banana Split. Her previous release, Red Afternoon, introduces Muro’s jazz infused folk and sauntering vocals that are silent nods to forerunners such as Jeff Buckley and Joni Mitchell. Muro has been a formidable item on the live NYC circuit. It is of little doubt her alternate guitar tunings and warm, reflective voice can easily silence a room. She continues to tour about the east coast as she tends to her dedicated craft of songwriting.

With distorted guitars and thundering drums, The Hey! are determined to get you to dance with their fresh brand of dance punk and agitated pop. The burgeoning punk trio, made up of Matt Berger (bass), Derrick Karg (drums), and Alex Nifong guitar), came to notoriety after winning a “battle of the bands” contest posted in their college newspaper. After recording demos in the basement of their dorms, the Hey! are ready to conquer listeners at their local live shows.

From a small town, songwriter and pianist Cara Beth, is bound to go to much bigger and better places. A native of Pittstown, New York, Cara grew up in an active musical household. Constantly exposed to The Beatles, Cat Stevens, and Bob Dylan, as well as having a bluegrass musician father, It wasn’t long before she grew to take an active approach writing confessionalistic music on the piano. She released an initial full length, self titled debut and garnering attention from local venues around Albany and greater New York area. Though some might be quick to parallel her vocal musings with other such as Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor, Cara Beth takes the genre of piano pop to an unanticipated direction with poignant realism and charm.

Jonny Lives!
lush & dirty, glossy & gritty Lower East Side sound blares with an urgency that’ll push you out of the way if you don’t move with it. “The East Village of NYC is our muse. . . “ says Jonny Dubowsky, namesake and leader of Jonny Lives! “There’s a copious amount of debauchery going on, and it’s all inspiration for our music.” Christian Langdon (guitar/vocals), Tommy USA (bass), and Jon Weber (drums) also bring the noise with a delivery that articulates what’s possible when a group of individually talented artists. Langdon is from a family of notable rock musicians while Tommy USA has collaborated on Liz Phair’s White Chocolate Space Egg. The rock ‘n rollers have received positive press in U.K. rock journal NME Magazine, who dub the band “unbridled, anthemic rock.” With an impressive fan base for their live shows in the UK, Jonny Lives! is currently haunting the East Village – gigging, drinking, writing, and…living.