Village Records

Village Records Artists - Basement Babble

Released November, 2010

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  Name Artist
1 Mr2 Miracles of Modern Science
2 Raised In the Light Minarets
3 Triple Double Beggars In A New Land
4 Something New Angela Mukul
5 1492 Steph Wells
6  In My Room Skuzzards
7 So Up Away Minarets
8 Unexpectedly Alice Lee
9 I Found Space Miracles of Modern Science
10  Marcy Ave. Skuzzards
11 Unbearable Angela Mukul
12 I Just Wanna Make Love     Web Dating
13 Teenager With Energy Beggars In A New Land
14 Goodbye Alice Lee
15 Cuz I Have You Web Dating
16 Tirana Road Patrick Cannell