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Music Business Students


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Who are our students?

Our undergraduates are students who wish to study a very specific professional field. Many are musicians who want to know the inner workings of the industry that promotes what they create. They come from all across the United States and several other countries. They have in common their love of music and their intense motivation to pursue a career in the music industry.

Our graduate students aim to be music industry executives. They are self-motivated individuals who recognize that music is two things at the same time: an artistic product and a commercial product. They are recent college graduates from a variety of disciplines, musicians, professionals from the music industry and from other industries, and international students and professionals. 

Competition for admission into the Music Business programs is keen. Each entering class is a vibrant and determined mix of individuals who look to their fellow students as professional collaborators as well as academic colleagues.

The 2004 student speaker for The Steinhardt School Valedictory was Music Business masters student Xavier Jernigan. Read the text of his Speech here.