People - Music Business

Music Business Faculty

Larry Miller - Program Director

Carlos Chirinos - Clinical Assistant Professor

Sam Howard-Spink - Assistant Professor

Catherine Moore - Associate Professor

Phil GaldstonSongwriter-in-Residence and Affiliate Faculty

Jennifer Blakeman

James Celentano

Russ Crupnick - Executive-in-Residence

Charles Fleckenstein

Linda Ury Greenberg - Executive-in-Residence

Erica Gruen - Entrepreneur-In-Residence

Michelle McDevitt

Charles Sanders

George Stein

Beth Tallman

Judy Tint

Shirley A. Washington 

Alex White - Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Spring 2016

Graduate Music Business Program faculty aren't just passionate about the music business. We're also sports fans, and here we are after spending a happy time together at Yankee Stadium for a Toronto Blue Jays game.