Music Business

Music Business FAQ Undergraduate

If you would like to register for a MUSB course as a non-major, please fill in our Music Business Course Request Form For Non-Majors.

What courses will I take to complete my degree?

Curriculum requirements for the undergraduate degree can be found on the NYU Website at the following URL: Bachelor of Music in Music Business.

How many students are in the Music Business Program?

There are approximately 150 undergraduates in the Music Business Program.

How can I receive information via e-mail about the program?

Please e-mail with any additional questions you may have, and please be sure to reference that you are interested in the undergraduate program. You may also call the Music Business program line at 212 998 5427.

How can I schedule an appointment with a faculty member?

Please call the Music and Performing Arts office at 212 998 5424 to schedule a phone or in-office appointment with one of our faculty advisors.

How do I request an application?

To apply for undergraduate study, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website, or call 212-998-4500.

Is it possible to apply for early decision?

Yes, applicants can apply for early decision. Information in regard to that process can be obtained from Undergraduate Admissions.

Are there any supplemental materials that I have to submit with my application for this program?

Yes. In addition to your NYU Application for Undergraduate Admissions, you must submit a Music Business Supplemental Application Package

How do I apply for financial aid?

Please visit the Financial Aid Office website or call 212-998-4444 for financial aid information.

What types of financial aid are offered? Does the program offer assistantships?

NYU offers need-based aid, as determined by the FAFSA, and merit-based aid, determined by past academic achievement. Occasionally, talent scholarships will be awarded. The program does not offer assistantships.

How do the undergraduate programs offered by the Steinhardt and Tisch schools differ?

The primary difference between the Steinhardt Music Business program and the Clive Davis School of Recorded Music at the Tisch School of the Arts is the nature of the actual degree. Steinhardt offers a Bachelor of Music degree, which requires in-depth study of music itself - music theory, aural comprehension, keyboard skills, and music history. Tisch offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Please visit their website for more detailed information.

How long will it take to complete my degree as a transfer student?

If you are accepted as a transfer student, the length of your study at NYU is dependant on the number of completed credits that NYU will accept and apply to your curriculum requirements.

Where do Music Business students find internships?

Music industry internships are required for undergraduate students in the junior and senior years, providing valuable work experience before graduation. Most student internships are in New York City, taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by many of the world’s music institutions. Internships are available in all areas of the music industry, including record labels, publishing companies, performance venues, concert management agencies, music television, and music magazines, among others. Graduate students are also required to do an internship, often starting in their second semester.

Are there non-degree programs or special workshops offered?

The program offers an introductory course in the music industry, The Business Structure of the Music Industry, for college credit. For pre-college students, the Music Business program offers a week-long summer institute called What Makes a Star? The program includes lectures, field trips, team projects and industry guest speakers.

Can I take MUSB courses as a non-major?

Yes. Non Mayors may take a maximum of three Music Business courses. However this does not guarantee that non-majors will be able to take as many as three Music Business courses. Majors in the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions, Stern students in the EMT program, Tisch Recorded Music students, and students in the BEMT minor will be given priority over other non-majors. If you would like to register for a MUSB course, please fill in our Music Business Course Request Form For Non-Majors.