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New York City provides the most exciting setting in the world for internships and apprenticeships in performing arts administration. The student has the opportunity to work with distinguished arts administrators, cultural centers, and various arts organizations, with the guidance and evaluation of the faculty.

Internship in the Administration of Performing Arts Centers
MPAPA-GE 2001,2002 • Open to fully matriculated arts administration students only. Wry. A minimum of 210 hours: 3-6 points each. Assigned responsibilities at leading New York cultural centers, including training in development, marketing, publicity, fiscal affairs, programming, and general management.

Independent Study (Graduate)
MPAPA-GE 2300 • 45 hours per point: 1-6 points. The hourly requirement is240-280 hours with host organization.

Intern Abroad Program: Arts Management in London, UK
The Arts Management Programs of NYU Steinhardt are offering a 10-week summer internship opportunity in London, UK to a select group of participants. Participants will intern full-time for arts organizations, advancing their careers through supervised management projects in an international setting. Interns will be placed at premiere organizations in the UK such as museums, galleries, live performing art venues, music/media businesses.
For further information, please consult the Arts Management in London Global Progams page.

Arts Administration: Utrecht, The Netherlands and Berlin, Germany
This international seminar offers graduate students, alumni of arts administration programs, and arts management professionals a unique opportunity to observe exciting changes in the visual and performing arts in a broad range of European venues. Students explore current cultural and social issues affecting international arts practices in both non-profit and for-profit institutions. Working professionals gain fresh insights into managing arts organizations while acquiring an overview of European cultural policies. The program challenges students to compare and contrast American attitudes toward the arts (as embodied in U.S. public funding mechanisms and marketing and development strategies) with the long-established European tradition of government funding. Seminar participants have ample opportunity to discuss policymaking, planning, and entrepreneurial initiatives with leading arts professionals.
For further information, please visit the Global Programs Arts Administration in Utrecht page.