Performing Arts Administration

Performing Arts Administration FAQ


Q. What courses will I take to complete my degree?
A. View curriculum requirements for the master’s degree here.

Q. How can I receive information via e-mail about the program?
A. Please e-mail our program assistant at or call 212-998-5506.

Q. Whom should I contact if I am interested in visiting the school?
A. If you are interested in meeting with a member of the faculty during your visit, please email our program assistant at or call 212-998-5506. Currently NYU does not offer campus tours for prospective graduate students. However, the graduate admissions page on Steinhardt’s website can direct you to a virtual tour or on campus information sessions.  

Q. How do I request an application?
A. To apply for graduate study, follow the instructions found here.

Q. How do I apply for financial aid? 
A. Please visit the Financial Aid website or call 212-998-4444.

Q. What types of financial aid are offered? Does the program offer any assistantship or program specific scholarships?
A. NYU offers need-based aid, as determined by the FAFSA; and merit-based aid, determined by past academic achievements. The program does not offer assistantships or general scholarships.

Q. How do internships work?
A. Students are required to complete 6 credits of internship, typically in their second and third semesters. Students acquire the internship themselves, but there are department resources available to help in identifying and securing internships. Due to the large number of available opportunities, most internships take place in New York City.  However, we do allow students to pursue internships in other cities or other countries, if they desire.

Q. Is an interview required for the master’s program?
A. Interviews are not required.  However, we do encourage an applicant to speak with the Director or the program assistant (in person, by phone, or via email) if he/she has any questions or concerns about the program or the application process.

Q. Is the GMAT or GRE required for the master’s program?
A. NYU Steinhardt does not require standardized tests for admission to the MA program. However, if you do take these tests, we recommend you submit a copy of the scores with your application.

Q. Do I need a degree in the performing arts to be considered for the program?
A. No, while most of our students have earned a degree in one of the performing arts, it is possible to demonstrate expertise in this area through paid professional work, internships, and/or volunteer experiences.  As a result, students in the program possess a variety of undergraduate degrees.

Q. Can the program be completed part-time?
A. Yes, we have both full time and part time students in the program. As a part-time student you can take up to 11 points per semester (3.5 classes). Most part-time students complete the program in 4 years, but you can choose to accelerate your progress by taking intensive courses during the January term or by enrolling in summer courses.

Q. Are classes offered at night?
A. Yes, all of the courses in the program start at 5pm or later. However, some electives offered by other colleges at NYU may only be offered during the day.

Q. Are there opportunities to study abroad for graduate credit?
A. Yes, every other summer the program offers an extensive travel course to Germany and the Netherlands. However, there are many other study abroad experiences offered by the Global Office which are eligible for our students. More information can be found on their website.

Q. What are the costs of tuition and fees?
A. Current tuition and fees information can be found at Graduate Admission.

Q. Is on-campus housing offered for graduate students?
A. There is a limited amount of graduate housing available. The application is available in April for students who plan to attend in the fall. More information can be found here.

Q. Are there off-campus housing services?
A. There are several resources available to students. More information can be found on the Off-Campus living website.  However, NYU cannot place you in off-campus housing,

Q. What special admissions requirements are there for international students?
A. Please visits the Steinhardt Office of Graduate Admissions website.

Q. Where can I find information about on-campus jobs?
A. Visit the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development for on-campus employment opportunities.

Q. Can I take a Statistics and or Economics course at a local community college in order to satisfy these prerequisites?
A. Yes. You must provide us with an official transcript and the course description(s). The semester long course must have been taken for credit. If the class is taken prior to entering the program it may be taken at the undergraduate level. Once you have been matriculated into the program you must take these courses at the graduate level.