Selected Alumni Bios

Jacob Yoffee

Jacob Yoffee, composer and saxophonist, is a student of Deniz Hughes at NYU Steinhardt. He has scored several films, each with a fresh and unique sound. His recent score for The Ghost & Us, directed by Emily Carmichael, featured a live jazz score combined with a standard orchestral underscore and was featured at the 2009 CineVegas Film Festival. Jacob is the resident composer for the American Studio Orchestra at Johns Hopkins University and the Maryland Institute of Collegiate Arts.  

He was signed to Inner Circle Music Records in 2007, releasing his debut album, "Dead Reckoning." The album generated high acclaim, and the album’s
release concert garnered an article featuring Yoffee in the New York Times. He writes in both classical and jazz genres and has won awards for his compositions, including the Randolph S. Rothschild award. Jacob also composes concert works and is also a prolific arranger. In addition, he has produced several records for big bands, neo-soul groups, jazz and contemporary pop groups. His music has been performed abroad at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, the Royal Academy of Music, and on BBC Radio.