Selected Alumni Bios

Leticia Kuyumciyan

Leticia Kuyumciyan, M.A., has been involved in the theater world for as long as she can remember. As a little girl in Montreal, Canada, she attended acting school on weekends and made it a point to entertain her family at home whenever possible. She moved to Istanbul, Turkey with her family at the age of eleven and was excited to continue acting in a new environment. She was a regular in school plays at the Istanbul International Community School. Leticia was not only very involved in theater, but she was also very involved in supporting and listening to her friends and family. She had always been a “people person” and realized, come time for college, that she needed to combine her two passions: Drama and Psychology.

Leticia received her B.A. in Psychology and Drama from the University of Virginia. After she graduated, she felt the need to further her involvement in these two fields and decided to apply for the NYU Steinhardt Drama Therapy Program. Her dream came true when she was accepted. Two years and many incredible memories later, Leticia received her M.A. in Drama Therapy. Even though she was an International Student (being Armenian from Turkey born and raised in Canada) she never once felt different. Everyone in the program brought something to the table. Everyone was unique.