Selected Alumni Bios

Rainy Demerson

Rainy Demerson received an MA in Dance Education 2012 and holds a BA in World Arts and Cultures with a Dance Concentration from UCLA. She taught dance and yoga throughout New York City public schools in after-school programs and residencies for five years before earning her NY State teaching license. From there, she spearheaded an Intercultural Dance program at MS 267 in Brooklyn. She taught at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO and is currently a tenure-track Assistant Professor at El Paso Community College in Texas. In 2013 her article, "Beginner's Mind: Applying the Zen Practice of Soshin to Best Practices in Dance Education," was published in the Journal of Dance Education. She also transformed her NYU final curriculum into the article, “Teaching Dances of the African Diaspora: an Emancipatory Intercultural Approach,” which appears in the the Journal of Emerging Dance Scholarship by the World Dance Alliance. Dedicated to gaining a first-hand understanding of culture in context, Rainy has studied dance in Indonesia, Cuba, Brazil, and Senegal. She has produced her contemporary choreography in Senegal and in New York with her company Sacred Space Dance. See her work on Vimeo.