Mission and Vision

Advancing Knowledge One Generation at a Time

Steinhardt faculty share their knowledge and expertise with their students, mentoring them to become tomorrow's scholars, researchers, and practitioners. Associate Professor Alisha Ali works with a team of graduate students to research strategies for promoting mental health and well-being in underserved communities. Their research at Project Enterprise, a Harlem-based organization that provides microcredit loans, demonstrates the positive effects that grassroots organizations can have in combating depression and other mental health problems among individuals living in poverty. Their findings show that depression can be reduced by creating opportunities for people to engage in meaningful work that connects them with peers.

above: Graduate student Michele Lee, right, listens as Professor Ali talks with Catherine Barnett about her clients at Project Enterprise and the peer support and business training they receive to become successful small business owners.

Turning Research into Practice, Practice into Change

Within a private university in the public service, NYU Steinhardt works to influence scholarship, research, and policies at home and abroad. The School is the home of 16 research institutes and centers whose mission is to develop policy and practice to improve conditions in urban areas and the international community. Researchers work to deepen our understanding of the effects of poverty and immigration on learning, to work with schools and government agencies on issues of childhood nutrition and obesity, and to offer insights into how digital media are transforming social relationships. The Institute for Education and Social Policy; the Child and Family Policy Center; the Institute for Globalization and Education in Metropolitan Settings; the Center for Research on Culture, Development, and Education; and the Institute for Human Development and Social Change are some of the School's nationally known centers.

The variety of programs, scholarship, and research interests within the School and its institutes and centers fosters collaboration and provides opportunities for research to better understand the complexities and contexts of human development. We support our faculty and students to step beyond their usual area of expertise, to cut across disciplinary lines and engage with their colleagues in interdisciplinary and innovative partnerships.

Steinhardt also offers town hall meetings as well as talks and symposia to the corporate, policy, and advocacy communities. The Steinhardt Policy Breakfast series provides a rich forum for leading experts to explore the pros and cons of the pressing issues of the day, including gender differences in educational achievement, mayoral control and New York City's public schools, and the effects of poverty on individuals and communities.

Creating Partnership: A Vision of Collaboration

For over a century, NYU Steinhardt has been enriched by its partnerships. Since welcoming our inaugural class of teachers and administrators, our campus on Washington Square has evolved into a citywide learning laboratory where faculty and students partner with families and schools, community agencies, galleries, theatres, and cultural institutions to address the challenges and celebrate the triumphs of human development in all its myriad forms--academic, artistic, emotional, and physical. Our partners and collaborators are committed, as we are, to opening doors of possibilities by investigating the interactions of culture and human development.

We invite you to be our partner, to help us create a future in which education can unleash the potential of individuals, communities, and institutions to act for the greater good.