Mission and Vision


NYU Steinhardt: Naming a School, Investing in a Mission

In 2007, excited by the School's successes and prospects for its future, philanthropists Michael and Judy Steinhardt made a second $10 million gift to the Steinhardt School. The combined $20 million is to date the largest gift in the School's history. Michael Steinhardt was moved by the spirit and commitment he saw in the students and faculty. "When I visited the School, I saw people whose lives were quite different from the Wall Street types I was used to," Steinhardt said. "I saw people whose first motivation was not to make money--people who were motivated by learning to be the best they could be. They were people who were going out to fulfill various responsibilities that were extraordinarily important--and yet so different from my world. I made this gift as a person who recognizes the centrality of education in American life."

Looking back at our founding and forward to the work of this century, we find ourselves at a historic moment in our academic journey. In the past, traditional education, scholarship, and research were adequate to meet the needs of students and the world we lived in. But in today's global society, the questions are different; the problems are more complex and interconnected. Long at the forefront of inquiry, learning, and practice, the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development has the academic resources and vision to address both the needs of our students and the problems facing people around the world.

Steinhardt is a large, dynamic school located in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City. We live and breathe the energy of one of the greatest cities of the world. The city provides both unparalleled opportunities for enrichment and unique opportunities to contribute to its betterment. New York University's commitment to serving the public good is a call to action for us—we offer our knowledge and skills to New York City and the world beyond. By linking cutting-edge research with action, we equip our graduates with the insight and experience necessary to address the challenges they will face—both known and unknown—wherever their lives will take them.