Mission and Vision

A Community of Practice

NYU Steinhardt provides students with practical experience through field projects in New York City in such areas as health, counseling, student teaching, tutoring, art, drama, and music therapy practices. Every year nearly 1,000 NYU undergraduate and graduate students contribute their time and talents to help New York City children and youth by participating in the nation's largest America Reads program. In 1999, a team of Steinhardt faculty assisted New York City's Department of Education in creating the University Neighborhood High School.

Located in New York City's Lower East Side, the school's mission is to provide first-class college preparation for the community's youth. Steinhardt now has partnerships with more than 25 schools in some of the city's poorest neighborhoods--East Harlem, the South Bronx, and the Lower East Side.

The Classroom, the City, the World

In responding to rapid change around us, Steinhardt is working to redefine education as a holistic human endeavor. We strive to understand and educate the whole person. Our unique integration of education, communication, health, and the arts in a single school contributes immeasurably to the richness of Steinhardt's teaching and learning environment. The opportunities to engage in research and collaboration that help to better understand all aspects of human development are unrivaled by any school in the United States. At Steinhardt, we believe education is a journey, an interdisciplinary endeavor that transforms not only how people learn, but how they work with others in today's world.

In and Of the City

At NYU Steinhardt, we recognize that learning also takes place outside the classroom. In addition to schools and research sites, we know that hospitals, neighborhood centers, theatres, and parks can be places where knowledge and culture are transformed in ways that can promote the common good.

We work to create programs and scholarship that are in and of the city. Our location at Washington Square puts us in the center of this mission and provides an unparalleled opportunity for recruiting top faculty in music, studio arts, media, health, and other professional fields. Our commitment to improving public education and health care and to working with arts and media organizations has earned us unprecedented financial support from foundations, corporations, individuals, and public agencies.

Building Community:
A Mission in Action

Our faculty and students live and learn in and among the world's foremost institutions, where they conduct research and engage in fieldwork and internships to master their field of study and learn more about the world they live in.
As part of our work, we examine our local and global communities to explore their role in fostering human development. We create synergies and connect our fields of study to create new research, scholarship, models for change, and works of art.

With programs in South Africa, Ghana, Italy, China, and around the globe, our goal is to have every student study abroad--for a week, a summer, or a semester. We want our students to graduate from Steinhardt as citizens of the world.

The Global Classroom

When we set out for Peru, none of us imagined we would get so dirty," said Stephanie Gilbert, a student who took part in a 10-day community service project, installing stoves, building lavatories, planting trees, and assisting at health clinics.

Steinhardt professor Jennifer Berg saw the trip as a chance to study in a global classroom that bridged theory and practice while embracing culture, education, and the arts. "Working within small Andean communities each day, students and faculty alike experienced firsthand economic inequities across the globe, the relationship between developed and developing nations, complex environmental concerns, and compromised health and education," Berg said.

"We also learned that change is impossible without the work of the whole community," Gilbert said.

In and of the World

NYU Steinhardt students venture into the world to intern and conduct research in major cities and remote villages. They travel to South Africa to study ties between the arts and democracy and to Uganda to study the rich traditions of African drumming and dance. In England, Ireland, and Brazil, they examine traditional drama and theatre as educational tools. As varied as our students' interests and as diverse as the world's cultures, NYU Steinhardt's study abroad programs promote an academic experience nurtured by prominent scholars, artists, and professionals in leading educational, arts, and community centers.

Steinhardt faculty members create its study abroad programs. They have also served as Fulbright senior specialists, collaborating with institutions in Turkey, Romania, Australia, Slovenia, Israel, and Vietnam.