Patrick Jean-Pierre

Director of Technical Assistance on Disproportionality, TAC-D

Patrick Jean-Pierre completed his Doctorate at Rutgers University. Dr. Jean-Pierre has been providing technical assistance and professional development on issues related to disproportionality since 2006. His work at the Metro Center since 2010 has included working with districts to address disproportonality, institute incremental change district-wide and school transformation using an equity and culturally responsive approach to systemic change. Dr. Jean-Pierre was a former teacher at Andries Hudde Middle School in Brooklyn, NY. He served as a Senior Consultant to the New Jersey Department of Education and has provided leadership development at the Wharton School of Executive Education. He teaches courses in the Education Department at Manhattan College. His research interests include school transformation, identity and schooling, transformative leadership, inter-group relations and working with multiple school stakeholders.