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A Guide for Parents of English Language Learners in New York State

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NYSESLAT Entitlement and Non-Entitlement Letters to Parents

NYSITELL Entitlement and Non-Entitlement Letters to Parents

Testing Accommodations for English Language Learners

Living Undocumented: High School College and Beyond

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NYCDOE Identification, Eligibility and Programs for English Language Learners

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NYU CLACS K-12 Outreach
The CLACS K-12 Outreach Program strives to bridge New York University’s innovative Latin American and Caribbean-related research with a broader community of educators in New York City. Drawing on the multitude of disciplinary strengths found at NYU, we disseminate expert resources to area educators and support local curriculum development to strengthen the Latin America content in K-12 classrooms. We make CLACS resources available globally through our website and blog.