Who We Are

The Center for Professional Development provides highly skilled and qualified experts in the field of teaching and learning for all grade levels from pre-k through high school. Our mission is to improve teacher instruction so that all children have equal opportunities to meet high standards of performance and achievement and are career and college ready. Last year, 317 job-embedded coaching days in addition to 29 workshops were provided to 305 teachers and administrators throughout New York City impacting 7,000 students.

  • Job - Embedded
    • Site-Based
    • In Class
    • Out of Class
    • Supports
    • Focus
  • Rotational
    • Multiple Locations
    • Multiple Schools
    • Training + Peer Review
    • Capstone Product
  • Blending
    • Combination of Job-Embedded and Rotational Professional Development

Our process is an integrated approach and is not meant to be linear, but is adaptive to the individualized needs and goals of schools and districts we serve.

Phase I - Assessment of Instructional Needs
  • Data analysis
  • Instructional observations
  • Lesson plan analysis
  • Student work/performance analysis
Phase II - Coaching
  • Instructional planning
  • Modeling techniques and strategies
  • Co-teaching techniques and strategies
  • Observation and Feedback
Phase III - Trainings/Workshops
  • Content-based workshops (half-day, full-day, during & after school)
  • Pedagogical workshops
  • Assessment/data workshops
  • Inquiry/problem solving
Phase IV - Measurable Outcomes
  • One-on-one teacher mentoring, debriefing, and action planning
  • Digitized data system aligned with Charlotte Danielson
  • Agendas, reports, and daily communication
  • Analysis of student work

"The Center's support focused specifically on building school-level capacity to better serve students with special needs, including students with disabilities and English Language Learners...We were provided with regular updates on the status of their work, including a final data report delineating their high-level work in each school."

-Network Leader

"We have moved from a B to an A on our city progress report."


"The professional development centered around learning writing and technology to re-integrate technology to engage students...The work they did helped to foster a relationship of trust and commitment in the field of education."

-Manhattan High Schools

"Their work speaks for itself and their direct impact on teaching here...has been evident, as we have continued to raise our students' achievement levels. The cadres of coaches we have been fortunate to have in both literacy and mathematics have been outstanding presenters, content strong, well-received facilitators, experienced educators as well as professionals. Every student our coach worked with passed the Regents."

-Secondary School, Grades 6-12


Susan R. Fein

Director, Center for Professional Development



Lois Goddard

Program Associate