Clients and Partners


The ultimate goal of the Metro Center is to fulfill the potential and promises of today's underserved children and youth. In order to do so, the Center's services must reach all levels of the education community. Current and past projects have involved working with the following groups:

State of Connecticut

State of Pennsylvania

State of New Jersey

State of New York

New York City

School Districts

Charter Schools

Private School


Other States

  • State of Colorado, Denver
  • State of District of Columbia
  • State of Georgia, Atlanta
  • State of Pennslyvania, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh
  • State of Texas: North Forest

In order to provide the most current and comprehensive services and resources to our clients, the Metro Center forms partnerships with other education-related entities. We collaborate with federal, state, and local government agencies, renowned research facilities, and other institutions of higher learning. Some of our current partners are listed below: